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Brian Baumgartner | “Kevin” from the Office

Brian Baumgartner | “Kevin” from the Office


Erik talks to Brian Baumgartner…

about his Wikipedia page and his skills in golf. When it comes to golf, Brian always wants to play for something. Big, or small? It doesn’t matter. It just adds a new layer to the competition. What will Erik and Brian play for?

“If I’m really playing, I want to find a number that makes someone uncomfortable.”

  • 5:47 – Brian explains how he started playing golf for money. Brian believes that playing for money helps him focus better during his round. He says it is his version of practicing because it allows him to be completely engaged with what is going on in the match.

  • 13:55 – Brian tells stories about playing golf with Michael Jordan and Lawrence Taylor. Brian explained that in a celebrity golf event, he was paired against Michael Jordan and with Lawrence Taylor on separate occasions. He said he was nervous to play with Lawrence Taylor because they were partners, and he was not a great golfer at the time. Brian also said that Michael Jordan uses his stature as intimidation on the course.

  • 30:33 – Brian describes his view of golf prior to ever playing. Brian explains that although he was a part of a country club growing up, he did not once play golf until he was around 23 years old. He was doing theatre at the time, and was stuck in a dark room all day; he needed something to get him outside for a period of time. This became golf, and he became obsessed with the game through this experience.

  • 34:42 – Brian recounts his transition from acting in dramas to acting in comedies. Brian started off by doing small theatre gigs, and originally was not interested in the “starving artist” lifestyle. After a while, Brian decided to move to LA, where he says he got incredibly lucky by meeting the people who were shooting the office. He was around 31 when he joined the office cast.

  • 40:53 – Brian explains how time consuming filming the office was for the entire cast. Since all of the cast members were constantly interacting, everyone had to be on set at all times. Brian said this led to 60-70 hour work weeks where they would film for up to fifteen hours a day. Although these conditions were not ideal, the cast was forced to bond, resulting in an even stronger overall performance.

  • 50:51 – Brian explains how the office was able to pull off having a camera crew following everyone for ten years. Brian believes having a camera crew follow a paper company for ten years is extremely unrealistic, but by creating a joke out of it, it became more acceptable. The camera was often treated as an independent character; many of the show’s signature moments occur when the camera is being spoken to.

  • 57:46 – Brian recounts awkward fan approaches. Brian tells funny stories about when fans approach him. He says many fans are too afraid to ask him if he is actually Kevin from The Office, they will instead ask, ‘has anyone ever told you that you look like Kevin from The Office?” He gets annoyed when people approach him in this manner.
Watch Erik and Brian’s match here:
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  • Love this podcast. Especially the golf talk at the beginning. I am also a 7 hdcp and I felt like you guys were at the bar talking golf the way I feel about my golf!
    Thanks, love RGC and The Office

  • Some really good topics were covered in this podcast. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while practicing my swing in my room lol. This has been my favorite episode so far. Good job guys, keep working hard!

  • Brian is such an awesome dude. I love Kevin in The Office, but I think I love Brian, himself, more. He came across so real, gentile, and thoughtful. I’m going to golf with him some day. So it is written, so it shall be done.

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