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“Lily” Muni He | LPGA and Social Media Star

“Lily” Muni He | LPGA and Social Media Star


Erik talks with “Lily” Muni He

In this weeks episode, Erik sits down with LPGA Pro, Muni He. Muni, also known as Lily, describes her love of travel and experiencing new places, qualifying for the US Open at the age of just 15, and what life was like growing up in China.

“I’m really lucky that I was able to experience so many different cultures when I was younger, it’s a huge part of my identity.”

Early Start

  • [2:32]: I’ve played golf since I was very very young, probably since I could walk and then I started competing when I was 6 years old.
  • [2:40]: It wasn’t until I was 15 years old and I qualified for the US Open hadn’t really known hey I wanted to be a professional golfer later on in life.
  • [2:56]: Playing with my idol back then, Paula Creamer, was what really inspired me and drove me to want to be a professional golfer.
  • [4:11]: I remember the first hole of the US Open, I couldn’t even stand straight.
  • [4:23]: I remember looking over to my dad, and telling him ‘dad, I don’t think I know how to golf anymore’


  • [9:43]: Although I love adventure, I love going to new places and meeting new people, I really enjoy being at home too at times.
  • [10:25]: Realizing that at this time, in this moment that I’m up in the air there’s so many other people up in the air with me

Professional Career

Lily Muni He short game
  • [13:03]: It’s a lot of commitment, you have to give up a lot of things in life
  • [13:35]: A lot of things I missed out on but I don’t regret it at all
  • [14:10]: Golf is a priority in my life and I prioritise it but I have a lot of other hobbies and interests in life.
  • [14:20]: Ultimately the goal is to help others, working with non-profits or starting your own foundation of some sort to help a cause that you really care about.
  • [25:54]: How to be more confident within yourself and prioritize what you want in life rather than trying to please everyone else around you.

Day to Day

  • [32:05]: I do like to write down thoughts, it sticks with you a lot more than writing it on your phone.
  • [34:02]: I love new experiences, I love exploring and going to new places and meeting new people and soaking in new information
  • [34:25]: I cannot do the same thing every single day again and again
  • [37:48]: A lot of the times we do what we feel like we would be good at or something that would be fun for us, but what about the things that make us uncomfortable?

“Do what’s uncomfortable for you and then you grow from that.”

Future of Golf

  • [48:17]: I love playing for fun, traveling, seeing different courses, playing with friends, meeting different people on the golf course. That’s what golf’s about.
  • [50:03]: Growing the game, changing the way that golf is viewed in the world seems like an interesting idea to me.

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