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A Letter to the RGC Community

A Letter to the RGC Community

An update on Random Golf Club

Erik Anders Lang

Dear Random Golf Club Community,

To say we are living in strange times is perhaps a gross understatement. Just living “Normal life” is difficult, I believe. Not bad, just difficult. We occupy an existence where we somehow have to pack in meaning, purpose, family, friends, work, and of course, this strange and wonderful game called golf. And then we are obliged to pass on what we have learned and created for the next generation.

We have a finite time on the planet to do this, and indeed on the golf course as well. Even though the times we are living in now are a far cry from the normalcy of 2019, it is my strong belief that despite the friction, complication, and extraordinary changes we face today, that this time still falls under the header of “What a time to be alive”. We all have an opportunity to create something for the betterment of our brothers and sisters, and for our next generation on and off the course.

Random Golf Club is an idea I had two years ago that would allow every person who steps foot on a golf course to feel welcome. I don’t go to church (yet) but I can’t help but wish that our golf courses were as welcoming as our churches – that there would be an outstretched hand at every starter shed, welcoming players new and old to each and every of the 30,000 golf homes that inhabit our world. I have seen a lot of things in the 60 or so countries I have played golf in. And what I have seen inspires me. It inspires me to do more and to do better with what little time I have left.

Random Golf Club’s mission is soaked in this feeling. From the very beginning, a hand of every color pointed to the very link you clicked on to arrive at this new, reimagined home of the RGC Community. We have many things planned for the coming months and years that I am all too eager to share with you. For now, please enjoy the fruits of our labor in creating this fresh look at golf media with stories, humor, interviews, community, and more. I encourage you to get involved in the discussions by populating the comment sections on this site and checking back for more stories and offerings to the RGC Community.

Sign up for the mailing list to be the first notified of news concerning events. Thank you for your time, your kindness, and your trust in what we do to make not just the golfing world – but the world at large – a better place.

Erik Anders Lang
Editor In Chief, Random Golf Club

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  • We have all felt unwelcome at a course before and that’s a terrible feeling to have. I’m thankful for the work you do to nudge the world of golf towards a greater sense of community and belonging for all that come across our game.

  • I have been enjoying this wonderful game for 63 years. I have seen so many great things, and met so many great people. Golf has always been my refuge and close friend. Erik, you have started something that makes me happy to still be here playing this Game. Thank you so very much and God Bless.
    Michael Madden

  • Love this. Just catching up on old podcasts that i haven’t listened to yet, and this kind of reminds me of the last 10 minutes of the Augusta Volume 2.
    You can not only hear the passion, but feel it.
    I love this game, like, i would assume, everyone here. Its just a brilliant sport, and one of the few where it feels like a case of, everyone can play, you don’t need a team, just some balls, some clubs and a basic understanding of where to go.

    I’m not religious, but, Erik, you keep speaking from the heart like you do, i will listen to your sermon each week. Come back to Australia soon, I’ll take you to one of my places of worship!!!

  • Love every video, every podcast, every article and Snowball, and I love my Saturday tee times. Keep up the good work.
    Les (course The Springs, Australia)

  • Here here! Love this and congrats RGC team on the growing movement you’ve created. We’ve got a little group growing in RGC San Francisco that is looking to expand our efforts to enhance and grow our community in SF under the vibe-tutelage of CFO Snowball. Good times ahead.

  • Your thoughts and words put me at ease, reminding me that I should be chasing my true passions, not just a dollar or corporate ladder. It is those post round meals or a beer with a newly formed friendship of three people you’ve never met before. The anticipation of what today’s round will pencil out on the card; that is the feeling I have when reading and watching RGC.
    Sincere thanks,

  • Great words. Weekend plans changed. A game of golf with my mates booked in! Job well done EAL.

  • Nice piece Erik. A calming note for what is a turbulent time to say the least. In all the chaos surrounding the world, i feel golf has stood the ultimate test. It is the one thing we can come back to away from the doom which seems to be the situation in the world. No phones, being outdoors and with friends at a distance, we will get through this

  • Really enjoy and appreciate the values you bring to all that you do at RGC. Very cool. Look forward to sharing 18 holes together one day.

  • Never have I loved golf more than in this very moment. Finding RGC has been a magnificent respite in what has been, for more reasons than our “new world,” the hardest days of my life yet. Thanks for being you, EAL.

  • Love this idea and all things RGC… Would love to see a Canadian event once the boarders open back up, whenever that is. Looking forward to becoming a local ambassador up here! I also found the game later in life ( started at 27) but am now obsessed with all things golf. Golf is for everyone!!! BT

  • Just came across your video presentations Erik and your inspirational golfing travels..your community is a breath of fresh air to the golfing world especially in these ‘restrictive’ times.. just get out out there…golf is waiting for us all…great attitude as we only get one shot at life.. thank you!

  • Hi Erik, I wanted to reach out to you and thank you. I saw your videos on YouTube and I was hooked on them. I fell in love with golf for the same reasons you did. I was introduced to the game in my mid-twenties, never had an interest in it. Always played competitive golf and being a Cuban American baseball was my passion, untilllllllllllllll I played my first round of golf. WOW. I can honestly say I’m a golf addict to my wife’s detriment. I have traveled throughout the US and played at many places. I can honestly say that every course for me is a new experience even though I have might play them before and the jitters I get the day before I don’t ever recall getting them through my past sports experiences.. I live in Chicago now and this for me is golf heaven I,m looking forward to summer, I,m like a caged animal.
    Sorry for the lengthy message, just wanted to share that with you.
    I had sent you a previous message asking to see if would entertain doing a golf show with my Cuban brother Andy Garcia, I know he loves the game of golf and I think it would be entertaining I’m sure he might have some crazy stories.

    Take care, my golf friend.
    Eddie Lopez

    If you do decide to the show, I would love to participate, have you ever played with two Cubans, could be crazy. LOL

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