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Following Eldrick

Following Eldrick

Collin Morikawa’s demeanor and quick wit resemble a young Tiger Woods.

Riley Hamel

A generational talent is blossoming before our eyes.

Collin Morikawa has only made 24 starts on the PGA Tour, but 2 of those are victories. Other finishes include 7 Top 10’s, 2 of which are runner-ups. Before missing his first cut at the 2020 Travelers Championship in Connecticut, Collin had made 22 straight cuts to open his professional career. Only 1 player owns a longer such stretch, and his name is Eldrick.

Collin grew up playing at Chevy Chase Country Club, just a 4 minute drive from his childhood home in Los Angeles, CA. The course only had 10 holes, but Collin described the property as a “huge playground.” His accuracy off the tee can be attributed to the first hole of the course, which features a line of trees guarding any miss to the right.

“If you can hit that fairway, you can hit any fairway in the world.”

Collin’s Coach Rick Sessinghaus

Rick has been Collin’s coach since his days of junior golf, and stresses to his player the importance of keeping a positive attitude on the course.

“Rarely are we going to say if it was a good or a bad shot, but rather what did we learn from that situation.”

The angulations of the fairways forced Collin to deal with uneven lies early on. The greens were fast, and had plenty of peaks and valleys which made it difficult to find a flat putt. As he got older, and the course wasn’t able to contain his length, Collin and his friends would create their own holes. Using different tees and greens to manufacture a more difficult and suitable routing.

His precision and heart on the golf course are only outweighed by his character. Collin joined Erik for an episode of ACE CAM during Team Taylormade’s SIM launch day, where he shared his thoughts on not only golf, but life.

I’ve never doubted myself. No matter when I’m playing good, playing bad, I always felt that I was going to reach this.

Collin Morikawa

The UC Berkeley graduate always had game. When Collin was 12, he made 2 hole-in-ones within the span of a week. He has 3 total, as his last came during a practice round of the Walker Cup, surrounded by current Tour players Cameron Champ and Scottie Scheffler. Later in his career, in 2018, Collin spent 3 weeks atop the World Amateur Golf Rankings.

Everything I do is to manufacture my game, who I am, to be this person I’ve always wanted to be.

Collin Morikawa

His approach to the game is simple. Know your misses. As he peppered the flagstick alongside Erik, he explained why that part of the game is crucial.

I like to play a cut, and my tendency is to over-cut it. I’m taking the left side out of play…Play your shot, play your strength.

Collin Morikawa

As he continued to speak about his thoughts on his game and golf in general, it’s hard not drawing a comparison between Collin and Tiger Woods. Their mannerisms mirror each other, their soft-spoken demeanor, and their knowledge of the game shine during conversation.  His short quip of “Um, the one I won,” when asked what his favorite tournament was, mimics a candid Tiger.

Will Collin turn into the perennial winner he is trending towards becoming, it’s hard to say. His current string of consistent play foreshadows a long, championship filled career. But as many Tour players know, it’s difficult to stay at the top. He’s already inside the Top 30 of the World Golf Rankings, and thanks to his most recent victory at Muirfield Village, this number will only improve. His easy-going character and charismatic personality make him a future fan favorite, and a forever friend of the Random Golf Club community.

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