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Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together

We talked to the mastermind behind EAL’s Course Vlogs to learn his story and his creative process.

Riley Hamel

Over the last few months, the RGC family has been exposed to another video series from Erik and the crew. This time, we are able to experience him play a full round of golf. The Shot for Shot video series quickly separated itself from others like it on YouTube, much in part to the premium graphics and shot tracers. The contributors for Random Golf Club are extremely talented individuals, and the editor of this new series is no exception. 

Elliot Fryer has had a passion for golf since he was a kid. For his 13th birthday, his dad took him to the driving range for the first time, and he was instantly hooked. When a chance for him to combine his love for golf with his profession of video production, he jumped at the opportunity. Although he instantly had a knack for producing quality golf videos, his career started in a much different realm. 

Elliot teeing it up

Elliot attended Sheridan College, where he studied Media Arts. During the 3 year program was when he decided that video editing was going to be his career. 

“For me, it was the best fit. I really enjoyed putting the puzzle pieces together.”

As he approached the end of his schooling, it was required to get an internship for his last semester. Seeing this as a major opportunity, Elliot wanted to look outside of his home country. 

“I wanted to do something different, I wanted a big change in my life. I ended up landing on the Philippines.”

He moved 7,000 miles away, interning for 6 months until the company decided to hire him full time. Elliot was in the Philippines for an entire year before he realized  it was time to go home. Although he could have stayed longer, he wanted to be around family again. 

Once he was back in North America, Elliot’s production career took off. He bounced around from Toronto, to Montreal,  to Ontario, mostly working as a freelancer. For a short time, while in Montreal, Elliot cut video for Playboy. He described the experience as “unusual”, but a good one. It wasn’t until last year, when Elliot connected with Erik. 

Although his first few assignments were interview cuts, his opportunity for something bigger was on the horizon. Elliot had experience producing shot tracers, as he used to create his own disc golf videos. So when Erik asked his collection of producers if any of them had done tracers before, Elliot had a leg up. The first assignment was Rustic Canyon, where the RGC community got it’s first taste of the new series. And after it’s immense success, it was clear Elliot created something special. Since then, he has done the entire series, totaling over 10 rounds. 

For the viewers, the process of creating these videos may seem simple, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each video takes 2, 8 hour days to complete, in part to each shot tracer taking anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to perfect. The precision and care Elliot puts towards each product, is apparent to any viewer. As for the tracers, he realizes they are the aspect that sets these videos apart from ones like it. 

Elliot’s sequence for a course vlog

“Everyone seems to enjoy it, and when I’m in the flow it’s fun to do, even though it is a bit tedious.”

In the last few videos, you may have noticed that some objects throughout, aside from the golf ball, are getting their own shot trails. 

“The divit tracker I’ve done a couple times, and they’ve gotten a good response. I’m going to throw a couple of those in each video.”

The creativity of the Random Golf Club is what makes it so unique. Bringing something to the game that may have never been done before, and the addition of the divot tracker is a small example of that. As we continued to talk about the game of golf, I asked Elliot a question that I like to bring up in every conversation I have with another player. Why golf?

“It is relaxing, and just really nice to be outside. It shuts your brain off, and just gets rid of any worry you have and gets you lost in the fairways. It’s something you have, to rely on your whole life, to be there. 

Elliot is in the process of moving into his first home, with his girlfriend and husky. His love for the game of golf is unwavering, and his work with Erik allows him to capture that. In a career where many assignments are from large, corporate companies, Random Golf Club is Elliot’s creative escape. His work will only continue to get better, and for the RGC community, that is something to look forward to. 

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  • Amazing. Thank you for this! I wish I could go out and play every day, but when I can’t, these course vlogs are the next best thing. 🙏🏻

    Elliot – the tracers are so clean! Do you manually keyframe them in Premiere with pen/stroke tool?

  • Keep up the good work Elliott. I’ve really enjoyed the vids! Maybe an ace cam EP with the Elliot would be cool EAL? Just a thought. Stay safe my dudes.

  • Keep up the great work! I have enjoyed the course vlogs especially in times when I can’t get out on the course. The shot tracers are enjoyable and really add to the video. The divot trackers…brilliant! Always get a chuckle out of them

  • Well done Elliot. Sequence looking neat and tidy, love it when it’s laid as such. Back in the days it would have taken a motion artist to work on the tracers. AE stuff. Just curios about the VO do you do it full on , on the fly as you view the offline or you write it down with some after thought going into it? But those tracers are really adding value to the whole random golf club experience , may the golf gods grant your personal best soonest possible! 👏🏼

  • Does RGC have exclusive rights to Elliot or can I throw some work his way? I probably can’t afford all my shots but I’d love to incorporate a few per video. Really appreciate all the blood sweat and tears Elliot you are a machine.

    All my best,

  • Confession: Sometimes I pay more attention to your edits and tracers than I do EAL’s golf game. Would love to see what your workflow is like

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