Our 2 AM Twilight Round

Part three of four of the Iceland Vlog series

Erik Anders Lang

A lot of the time, the videos we make only show the amazing parts of the trip. But in between the parts that make the final cut, are the ones that kick your ass. These trips are tough. They’re a lot of work. And it’s always hard for us to find some time to sleep. Mostly because we want to do everything we can, in the amount of time we have there. So is the exhaustion our fault? Yup. But it’s all worth it.

Our ride to Siglufjordur was one of those moments where it all seemed to come crashing down. Energy was low. Maybe even non-existent. Moral was gone. But with a group like ours, one thing can change everything very quickly.  – Golf –  We stumbled upon a little niner, and the energy that went through our bodies was incredible. One moment all we wanted to do was sleep. The next, we have the single straps ready to go and we’re playing on an empty golf course. The course was cute, and all we needed on that day. After a few holes, it was time to make the 2-hour drive to Siglo. 

When I last wrote to you, I mentioned the hot spring and midnight fries. Well, they were both so good I thought I’d mentioned them again. The view from the hotel lobby is still one of the most beautiful hotel views I’ve seen. The bay, surrounded by snow-frosted mountains, and sunlight. Even though it was the middle of the night. Again, weird.

After our fries, we went to the room for a quick shower. And I say quick because we had more golf to play. At 2 AM we met with Johann. Johann has been midnight golfing several times, but only when tourists are crazy enough to do it. So I guess he was ready for us. Siglo Golf Course is a 9 hole track, carved into both valley and forest. Designed by our new friend Edwin. It was gorgeous, and an obvious example of how good Edwin is at his job. But focusing on golf was tough. Not only were we running on E, but a hot spring was waiting for us back at the hotel. And did I mention we were tired? For a moment up the 9th, I thought we were in Thailand.

Golf in Iceland is interesting. The more we played, the more we saw, the more we realized how important 9 holes are. Courses in Iceland worry more about quality than quantity of holes. I love that. Not everyone has time for 18 holes every day. 5 hours is a long time. But 9 holes, that’s something everyone has time for.

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Once we were back at the hotel, the spring seemed to relieve all our stress and pain that accumulated over the last few days. It was a moment in time where we finally stopped. These trips are go, go, go. This was rest. But when you’re in a place like that, it’s hard to stop. It’s hard to want to stop. But I think Colt said it perfectly…

“Who needs sleep, right?”

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  • I never want this series to end. Love how a tiny little course completely livened everyone up in an instant… what golf does to some people

  • Nice little read here Emerson! I can only imagine that in the same circumstances I would also prefer fries, Golf, and a spring with a side of sleep deprivation over sleep and that horrible ‘what if’ feeling. Nothing worse than FOMO

  • It’s crazy to see the vast differences and at the same time the valued traditions that golf has across the globe. Golf can truly bring people together at any point, anywhere and this series is really proving that point! Thanks again for the awesome content!

  • Ace cam is live! Seriously, I play a cut almost every time man, can those Vice balls give me an ace soon? All jokes aside your YouTube channel kills it, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next one. / OG Swedish fan!

  • Can’t wait for the big reveal that this was all Snowball’s elaborate dream, directed by EAL and M. Night Shamalan.

  • Such an inspiring adventure. It has given me the love of golf back. It has shown me that laughter is the best cure for a bad golf swing. Bless the boys and may their rounds be funnier still! Love from Denmark

  • I’m so jealous of your golf adventures. Golfing “during the day” at 2AM has got to be a special round you’ll never forget and I strive to have those once in a lifetime moments on the course. Good luck on future endeavors here in Austin! There are some fantastic courses here and around the area that I hope you’ll enjoy!

  • Here’s the thing about Random Golf Club….never before have I found a channel that makes the viewer feel as apart of the story! Thank you for continuing to make me add courses to my bucket list of places I want to play!

  • I feel like the mental aspect of golfing at 2am is more difficult than physically golfing at 2am. I can’t even imagine how bizarre it is to not have the sun go below the horizon, it playing games with your mind, and how sleep deprived you become. I bet once you finally crashed, it was the best sleep you had the entire trip. Can’t wait to see where the rest of this trip took you all.

  • I think this team has shown more than anything that golf is more than just 9 or 18 holes. It’s not even about the shots or the final score but the journey along the way. From getting to the course, to the people and relationships you build while playing, and the lasting impressions of the people and of the course, it all accumulates to more than just a game of perfection. You guys have shown that golf shows life and how people choose to live it.

  • RGC makes me want to bring my clubs with me everywhere I go! These Vlogs are awesome 👏 Always love this style of content and honestly can’t get enough! So glad I came across you guys!

  • The zen of a golf course is something magical. Because the only way to play well is to forget all other things going on around you. The split second before you address the ball your mind has to be cleared. Blank. Empty. You need to run on autopilot. It is something else man. It has a quality unlike anything else. Your work really shows this better than anyone else I have seen. You get it. It’s about bringing people together, forgetting your woes and walking around to repeatedly misshit a little white ball.

    You’ve also really shown me that I really need to golf Iceland, never would have thought. But you learn something new everyday.

  • This was by far the best episode of the series yet. Loved everything – from the lifetime supply of fries, to Erik using the word “cute” to describe a golf course. To be honest, 2 holes of golf is just an appetizer for me! Keep the vlogs coming guys! Also, pick me for the Vice balls! I don’t think I’ve seen one Vice golf thing in South Africa yet!

  • Yo! Just started playing golf and I happened to stumble across your guys’ content onYouTube! I’m so glad there is this kind of community in the golf world that isn’t only in the country clubs. Thank you guys so much for putting out these great videos! Keep on, Keeping on

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