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The End of the Road

The End of the Road

The final part of our Icelandic journey.

Erik Anders Lang

Because of the midnight sun, it can be difficult to know what time of day it is without looking at your watch. Could be 3 AM. Could be noon. There’s no difference. So after our round of golf, and after our hot spring soak, it was time to finally get some sleep.

I woke up around 3 PM the next day. Starving. Before getting something to eat, the crew sat down to do some production work. Downloading footage, re-watching everything we already saw with our eyeballs. The fun stuff. Then the meal. Was it breakfast? Was it lunch? Who really knows. All we needed to know was whether it was good or not. And it was. Just like the rest of our trip, the food in Iceland was phenomenal.

The crew stops for fuel.

We left the hotel and were back on the road. We called our car for the week “Air Force 1.” Pretty obvious to see why. The thing was a beast, and perfect for what we needed. We travel with A LOT of shit. Another thing that was really good in Iceland. The coffee. And that was our next stop.

After refueling, we made our way to the reason why we were in Iceland. Adventures in Golf. We were there to film an episode for season 3, the Arctic Open. Akureyri Golf Club has been home to the Arctic Open for 32 years. 200 golfers. Most playing until 5 AM. It was a surreal experience to be a part of a tournament taking place at the time. Competitive golf at midnight. Strange. Although everyone there was just trying to have fun. And we did.

Before we knew it, the trip was over. Our time in Iceland was up. It’s funny, doesn’t it always go by faster than it seems? Over a week felt like 3 days. While also feeling like months. I guess that can be attributed to the midnight sun. But, anyway, we lost Colt. He wouldn’t be coming on the next leg of our adventure. His parting gift to us? A laugh when we needed it. He snapped the handle right off of his suitcase. A perfect end to a tiring journey.

Pure beauty.

Iceland is a golf destination. Simple as that. The quality of the golf courses is incredible. Every hole seemed to be carved into the earth exactly where it was supposed to be. There was just so much intention on every hole. Nothing overdone. Land wasn’t overpowered. Wherever the land dictated the course to go, that’s where the architect put it.

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  • Thoroughly enjoyed this series, felt like I was on the journey alongside you guys. Your long & tiring days were greatly appreciated for the benefit of Golf lovers everywhere

  • This was one of the better videos series you have done since the gold standard Scotland tour.

    would love a video of you guys catching up with Colt and Hafer now you are in Austin.

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