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Golf For Anyone, Anywhere

Golf For Anyone, Anywhere

A review of the kit that turns the entire globe into a golf course.

Tim Barnicle

Like many things that bring us joy in these strange times, it came in a box. 

And with work wearing on, and winter closing in, it provided something else we could all use more of these days—fun. 

First, I took my car key to the clear tape sealing the edges and seams of the box. After digging in, and making my way through a protective layer of bubble wrap, I found something I had not expected: a canvas tote bag. 

(This part of my article serves as somewhat of a disclaimer, and a warning: the tote bag is cool.)

I’m not a “tote bag guy” by any means, but this one caught my eye. Your girlfriend, wife, or significant other might set his or her eyes on it. Immediately, the lady in my life took a liking to it with words that might as well have been a declaration of ownership: “Oh, that’s cute.” After some hostile negotiations, I revealed what the bag for: The Random Golf Club Field Kit.

A new kind of golf bag.

The first thing I saw inside the bag were three small practice nets with posts to hold them up. Now, there are two kinds of people in this world: people that can put things together with their hands—and people who cannot. You guessed it, dear reader: I am the latter. But even me, whose only calluses are from beating balls at the range and trying to learn an F-chord on the guitar, figured it out and got the nets standing upright. Along with the nets comes a hitting mat (which, refreshingly, is not just another slab of green turf), three white pickle balls, one orange ball (double points!), and a golf club.

Oh, I may have buried the lede here. You read that right: Random Golf Club is now in the club-making business. Move over, Mr. Miura. The 17B club might change the way we hang out in backyards on Friday afternoons, Sunday mornings, and any time of day we’re able to sneak away from another Zoom call that really could’ve just been an email. 

Though the days are getting colder near the holidays, the RGC Field Kit gives you a tote bag full of summer. I’m fortunate to have a little yard in front of my one-bedroom, one-bath bungalow, and along with a few Pacificos and some Muddy Waters spilling out of the speaker, the Field Kit made for a perfect fall afternoon. I’m counting down the days till Summer 2021.

My buddy and I started off friendly—practice, really. We didn’t care which color ball was which, and traded the club back and forth like a black sword we had pulled out of stone. 

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But after a few warm-up shots, it was on. That 17B sword was officially a weapon. We put the large net closest (1 point), followed by the medium net (2 points) five feet back, and then the small net (3 points) ten feet back and off to the side. We hit the three white balls in each round, and then as a bonus we threw in one last shot with the orange ball for double the points. 

Set it up and hit shots any which way you want.

We played to 21, but there will be a million different ways to play. You might play each shot as a “hole,” and play 9, 18, or even 36. You can play one-handed. Blind-folded. From five feet away, or fifty yards. It really doesn’t matter, because it’s all up to you. But I can guarantee you won’t be worrying about that thing you were worrying about twenty minutes ago. 

If anything, the RGC Field Kit will give you that feeling you had in the 3rdgrade when you and your buddy came up with some kind of wiffle ball, or nerf, or pond hockey game after school that had rules so inexplicable even you two forgot them the next time you played. But in the moment, it made perfect sense.

Because here’s the thing: you can’t always get to the course, and sometimes you just don’t feel like it anyway. Sometimes you just want to sit around and listen to tunes with your buddies, or by yourself, and just play a game. That’s what the Random Golf Club Field Kit is about. It’s a game—and you’re guaranteed to make a fool of yourself while playing it, no matter how many good shots you hit. But you can always choose to laugh at the bad shots.

Head to to pick up your RGC Field Kit for a discounted price.

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