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World Long Drive Champion Maurice Allen

World Long Drive Champion Maurice Allen


Maurice Allen on The Struggles of Being A Golf Professional

In this episode of the Erik Anders Lang Show, Erik and Brady sit down with World Long Drive Champion Maurice Allen to talk about the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of golf — on the individual level, and on the professional stage. They cover almost every golf topic under the sun, from the “mental chess” of the sport to the diversity challenges that are laid bare every Black History Month. Dive in and enjoy.

To donate to Maurice’s foundation, and promote diversity and inclusion in the game of golf, visit Grow The Game.


2:59 – Erik asks Maurice about rest and preparation for big moments, and how to keep your composure if ever you roll out of bed not feeling like a pro.

8:43 – Golf is a mental game, and as Maurice matured as a player he was able to take a step back and view the game with perspective. He calls golf “mental chess”, or like a game of black jack: the house always wins, but the amateur has one moment that always keeps them coming back.

17:55 – Maurice talks about the athleticism required to be a long drive champ — and how remarkable it is that pros like Bryson DeChambeau can pump themselves up for long shots and then flip a switch to calm themselves down for the short shots.

22:58 – So, how far exactly can Maurice hit a 7-iron?

32:01 – Maurice discusses the tension of performing all over the world while being temporarily homeless, crashing on couches and sleeping in parking lots while laying the foundation of his career.

34:15 – Erik asks Maurice about the power of money in both stratifying the pros at the highest tiers and growing the game at the grassroots level.

49:41: – Maurice tells us about his Grow The Game initiative to raise money and grow the game of golf in marginalized communities by sponsoring 6 black golfers every year as they try

54:21 – We close out with Maurice and Erik talking about Black History Month and how today social media and social justice are so intertwined.

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