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“My Pins, My Cups”: The Story of Walter Reid

“My Pins, My Cups”: The Story of Walter Reid


As a teenager he wanted to go pro in snowboarding, and then he unexpectedly fell in love with golf. Next it was the life of a golf pro — and he unexpectedly fell in love with agronomy.

Walter Reid found golf while trying to make it as a snowboarder. He’d pick up his sticks in the shoulder seasons between winter and summer and was able to play for free on local courses around Lake Tahoe. He fell in love with the game, and it set him on the track as a golf coach in the fairly glamorous life of golf instruction. Private club, good clients, the works. But for whatever reason — be it the constant churn of new players to evaluate, or the constant internal evaluation and perfectionism of the assistant pro world — something wasn’t clicking. After years working his way up that ladder, he realized something inside.

“I started to fall out of love with actually playing golf,
because I was playing for a job.”

Walter continues: “It put a burden of ‘I have to play good or else I’m not doing well at my job.’ And, you know, that’s a lot of pressure. I just didn’t enjoy it as much.”

What follows that moment is a whirlwind story from California to Detroit to cutting cups for the pros at a premier course in Florida. He took to agronomy instantly and fell in love.

The magic just kept coming, and what came next Walter never could’ve predicted. “I guess I was the one to do it on the back nine — I couldn’t believe it.”

Check out the video to find out what he’s up to now, and enjoy Walter’s story.

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