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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Searching for clues deep inside the brains of EAL and the Merch Lord to see how ‘Til Death, Paradise, and Randamu were born.


What’s in a name? What’s in a headcover? The story is probably a bit more convoluted than you think, with twists and turns that may not strike you as RGC designs at first glance. What it takes is an idea, a creative take on it, and a phrase that sums it all up.

Here’s what inspired the original designs of our ‘Til Death, Paradise, and Randamu collections, now up for grabs in the RGC Shop.

‘Til Death

For so many of us, this game is more than a love affair. It goes deeper than that. Someday it might go six feet deep. And for those whose dedication to the game isn’t limited to this realm, our ‘Til Death collection is the perfect homage to your die-hard affection for G.

Fast-forward to 10:21 for the moment inspiration strikes.


It all started in LA. It’s where Random Golf Club was born, where the first office was planted. It’s where the first videos were cut, where the first products were released. But the vibes are global, and Paradise is a state of mind — even if you’re thousands of miles away from the nearest palm tree.

Paradise is a state of mind. And a bogey never hurt anyone.


In 2019, Erik, Evan, Stuart, and Colt made a trip around the island nation of Japan. The country’s golf culture is more rich than you might expect, and something tells us that Hideki Matsuyama’s win at The Masters is the start of something special for the future of the Japanese game.

The team stumbled through golf shops and clubhouses all over the nation, and the neatly designed golf artifacts all over the country were, to put it mildly, fascinating. Here’s how Erik put it:

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A Nod To The Artists Behind The Painting

A little golf course down in Augusta, GA wouldn’t be etched into every golfer’s mind without the work of a faceless army.

It was in a small book inside a case that I asked to see. They looked for the keys to the case for what I remember was a day or two. Finally they opened it, I saw this image and it struck me. It spoke to me.

The impact of the game is deeper and more universal than any of us realize.

And that’s how Randamu was born. And how Paradise and ‘Til Death were born. And since their stories resonated so deeply with all of you, and each of us, now these designs live on forever in collections of their own. Grab the ones that speak to you, and don’t be afraid to switch up your vibe. 🤙 ⛩️ ☠️ 🌴


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