Andy Ogburn

Andy Ogburn

Andy is a writer and the Editorial Manager at RGC, tending the pin for any words you see from Random Golf Club. On the course, Andy believes himself to be the "Flop Daddy", but he also knows that you can't choose your own nickname. Out of bounds, he enjoys live music, taking a shower, and a good pair of sneakers. He no longer sleeps in a van.

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VIDEO The Story of The RGC Meetup: All The Places We’ve Played Together

If you’re new to Random Golf Club, or just haven’t been to an RGC Meetup yet, we wanted to provide a little primer before you get back out there. The format is unique, and the history is rich, so we want you to know what it’s all about before you join us at the next one.

You know how it goes. Harry Potter: come for the wizardry, stay for the friendship.…

PEN TO PIN Show Up Standing, And Have A Ball

The story of adaptive golfer Marcus Williams isn’t inspiring for the reason you think it is.

Marcus Williams has always been there for others. He might tell you that’s the reason…

PEN TO PIN 9 Is Too Many and 18 Ain’t Enough: The Case for 21 Holes

An examination of the most arbitrary rule in golf.

Why play 18 holes? It sounds absurd — surely this was decided a long time…

ACE CAM What’s In An Ace? In Search of the Definition of a Hole-In-One

We spoke to the RGC community about what counts as a hole-in-one — and what doesn’t.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one? Are you sure? Last week we shared a video from…

BACKSWING THOUGHTS 17b: The Best Rule You’ve Never Heard Of

The most important rule in golf can’t be found in a rule book.

When was the last time you got really, truly upset on the golf course? Was…