Erik Anders Lang

Erik Anders Lang

Founder & Editor in Chief

Storyteller, artist, filmmaker, 6 handicapper and one of the fastest growing names in golf content. Erik created the show Adventures in Golf for the PGA Tour, traveling around the world finding and telling the most outrageous and unique stories in golf. His YouTube channel is focused on both long and short form golf videos from in depth interviews, wild golf trips and personal challenges. He is the co-founder of Random Golf Club a rapidly growing golf media and product company.

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The End of the Road

The final part of our Icelandic journey.

Because of the midnight sun, it can be difficult to know what time of day…

TRAVEL BAG Our 2 AM Twilight Round

Part three of four of the Iceland Vlog series

A lot of the time, the videos we make only show the amazing parts of…


Packing my bag for a very, very long golf trip

As I write this I have several tabs open on my computer’s web browser. One of…

TRAVEL BAG Breaking out the Bulldog at Brautarholt

Part two of four of the Iceland Vlog series

There is beauty that lives beyond time, and with that, we don’t play for performance.…

TRAVEL BAG My First Round of Golf at Midnight

Part one of four of the Iceland vlog series

Why does it make us feel alive like nothing else out there? I’ve spent most…

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR A Letter to the RGC Community

An update on Random Golf Club

Dear Random Golf Club Community, To say we are living in strange times is perhaps…