Tim Barnicle

Tim Barnicle

Tim Barnicle is a native of Lincoln, Massachusetts. He has worked in podcasts, television, music, and politics. In other words, entertainment. He has a B.A. from Georgetown University and a M.A. from Columbia University. He’s currently pursuing a PhD at Harvard University studying American culture. Tim has one Ace—a one bounce pitching wedge on the 8th hole at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark, CA.

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A review of the kit that turns the entire globe into a golf course.

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The RGC Precision Pro is finally here.

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Random Golf Club and Vice Golf break the mold of traditional golf partnerships

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Tom Watson on Luck, Humility, and the Mental Side of Golf

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PEN TO PIN New York State of Mind

Why golfers in NYC are some of the most committed golfers in the world

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to brave subways, cabs, ferries,…