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The Perfect Golf Ball Chemistry

The Perfect Golf Ball Chemistry

Random Golf Club and Vice Golf break the mold of traditional golf partnerships

When the RGC crew asked me to write this piece, I thought, OK, sure. It’s another promotional piece. It’s nothing sexy, but it allows me to try out some new golf balls, and helps pay my greens fees. I’ve written stuff like this before: talk about how great the product/person/concept is, make it sound cooler than it is, throw in a few glowing quotes, maybe a good anecdote or two, spellcheck, and request a timely check from the editor. Rinse, wash, repeat. 

But before I get into why this is different, I do need to get the promotional part out of the way first. 

*Cue cheesy Used Car Salesman Voice*

Weeeelcome to RANDOM GOLF CLUB, home of the new signature Vice Pro Plus! It spins like a PROV1X, carries like a Bridgestone XS, has the durability of a Srixon, all for the price of a Noodle!

And it’s all true. I’m an 8-handicap player, which means I will tell you I can break 80 (which is true…on occasion) but I’m probably more likely to flirt with 90. For a while I played ProV1s because I thought I was much better than I am. Then I became a Bridgestone guy, because Tiger uses them—again thinking I’m much, much better than I am.

And then I was sent the new Vice Pro Plus from Random Golf Club. I’ve written a few pieces for the site so far, and a package of new golf balls is the height of perks for me. And to make a long story short: I’m a Vice guy now. They can be customized, they spin a lot, which I love (my 56 degree is my favorite and most relied-upon club), they go as far or further than other balls, they’re durable, and drumroll please…they cost way less than comparable balls. 

Okay. That’s it for my endorsement. Now let me tell you why the partnership between Vice and Random Golf Club is different—and honestly, why it’s worth writing about (or in your case, reading about!) at all. 

As is always the case before I write something for RGC, I called Erik. Now, our conversations usually wander around and eventually find their way back to golf, like two people playing nine holes at the end of a Summer day. But this call was much more targeted. 

“For me, the relationship with Vice is deeply personal,” Erik told me. 

Vice was the first brand that took a chance on Random Golf Club. And for a site like Random Golf Club, and a creator like Erik, brand relationships dictate whether or not your channel will make it. For instance, let me ask you: can you think of a successful online creator that doesn’t have at least a few brands it promotes? Think YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, anything. Drawing a blank? Me too.

So that’s one pillar of reality: to have gotten this far, it took brands like Vice taking a chance so that Random Golf Club could continue to make videos, make merch, do meet-ups, create an editorial website, and become a truly unique and refreshing part of the golf world. 

Erik’s version of a board meeting is a bit breezy

When Vice contracted Erik to do commercials for Vice, “that was the first big job of mine in the golf space. It felt like a big deal,” as he says. “It was the first step in a new direction.” And it really was. Without Vice, there might not be a TaylorMade partnership, or PrecisionPro, or Vineyard Vines, or Bonobos, or Jones Bags. 

Another pillar, as Erik says, is that “partnering with brands is complex.” RGC x Vice isn’t exactly Instagram Model x Fit Tea. There’s a certain threshold that needs to be met. And for Random Golf Club, that threshold is inclusivity. As cool as it may sound, Augusta National isn’t a perfect partner. And speaking above my paygrade for a moment neither is say, Miura or Scotty Cameron. These are uber-exclusive brands that scream money and prestige. Random Golf Club is all about “All Are Welcome.” It’s about not having to pay your way. It’s not about being on the list, because you’re already invited. The same goes for, well, Vice golf balls. 

Pre Ace Cam content bubbling up on the tee #ballsforlife

And as a creator, there’s a threshold for Erik himself when it comes to hocking a product: “Would I do that anyway?” As the Screen-In-Our-Hand Generation, we know when someone is selling us a brick for a buck. We see it every day on Instagram, on Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else on the Internet. “Hey, let me tell you why these Such & Such shoes are the only ones I’ll wear. Swipe up for more!” We know it’s bullshit. The person selling it knows it, too. So, we click away. 

So, if you’re if you’ve read this far, you know this collaboration is a bit different. It’s not Titleist x Golf Network. This is about two brands that could’ve so easily failed—but didn’t. There are a thousand people a day trying to gain a following on YouTube, or even in the Golf world. But Random Golf Club found a way. And Vice did too. The company was started by two guys in Munich, Germany. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of another start-up golf ball company, let alone a German one. In a game that is perceived to be insular, Vice and RGC are all about the democratization of golf. 

So, listen. You don’t have to buy these Vice balls. They won’t make your game much better. They won’t be found more easily if you slice one into the woods. But the dirty little secret is: no golf ball makes you a better golfer. But these balls might make you feel better about golf, and your game. That’s what this is all about. That’s what golf is about. Have fun. 

You can find the balls here. And just an FYI: this is a one-off addition. There will be more RGC x VICE collabs, but this specific version is 1 of 1. 

These collector’s edition balls have already sold out. Please consider joining the email list for product releases and restock notices. And as always, thank you for supporting RGC!

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  • Vice and RGC together is perfect! It’s all about getting the game to as many people as possible and the community that RGC is building allows you to bring your non golfing friends for a beer. Vice partnership with NBA tries to add some cool back into the game and introduces a sport and viewership to golf with the like of Steph curry and Charles Barkley champions for the sport. Excited for RGC to come to San Diego to use the custom Vice balls I have with kids photos on them.

  • “Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college where you figure out 2 + 2 is 10 or something.” – Dennis Rodman

    • Rule 17b “laugh at the bad shots”

      Random Golf Club incorporated this rule and I love how the ball expresses this as well. Yeah I’m gonna slice one in the woods and not be able to find it, but I’ll be laughing when I do! Too many times have I taken golf “too” seriously, and I feel like if I can embrace not only rule 17b, but also all are welcome, as well as a good time with my buddies, then I can laugh at the bad shots and all will be good!

      It’s about time I realized that “no golf ball makes you a better golfer. But these balls might make you feel better about golf, and your game. That’s what this is all about. That’s what golf is about. Have fun.” So yeah, every time I play golf from now on, I’ll be playing to have fun.

      Thank you Erik and Random Golf Club for the amazing things you produce and I learn so much from this golfing community.

      • Glad to have gotten some of these balls too, and mainly for the reasons you perfectly pointed out. I have fallen back in love with this game over the whole pandemic times and RGC is a big reason why it’s stuck this time despite being a new dad and working in healthcare during these crazy days, thus getting out more seldomly than desired, but craving all things golf in between those moments. RGC makes me want to bring my son into this game which I’ve played (sometimes way better than others) over the past 25 years, but always struggled with what the institution of golf represented…or sadly didn’t. I’ll be clapping at the good ones, and laughing at the had ones, surely with these Vice balls.

  • Just got into golf this year. Battling ptsd and a sever brain injury after the war after a decade I finally found something that set my soul free for a moment. Then I found this channel a couple weeks ago . Instant connection to the dialog, the way you express friendship and the game. To where i binged watched all the videos at night feeling like i was on the journey as well. To the point when I saw these balls came out I had to collect them. This whole year anywhere I played golf I’d get a sleeve of their balls to remember what I learned on that course that helped my game and my mind get away. These balls I feel like are a direct reflection of that and not the branding or the sales. Just the fact that this game is so unique and what It gives back is unlike anything else. Really happy I’m getting these and love the content the RGC team brings. Thank you

    • Thanks for your service. I’ve recently found these videos and this community too, cool they could reach us in the same way.

  • People are going to be hunting through the weeds and woods at their local muni looking for lost ones of these like a bunch of 4 year olds at their first Easter egg hunt

  • Working on a country club golf course, I find a million ProVs and ProVxs . But occasionally we’ll find a Vice pro plus and that’s always my go to ball. Just the feeling of using a ball that’s different and doesn’t impact the integrity of my game is why I like playing the game. It’s a great find and a great play.

  • Teeing up with one of these bad boys is win win because if you lose it, it can just be chalked up to marketing for the lucky golfer who finds it.

  • 17b is the personification of most golf games. Good shots that keep you coming back and then all of a sudden the hozzle becomes jealous of the club face and wants some love. Good thing these balls have orange on em for when your hozzle sends these bad boys into the woods. Laugh at your bad shots

  • If I laugh at all the bad shots, I’d laugh myself in to a set of 6 pack abs!! Not to fear, I counteract that with the brewskis.

  • Erik’s relationship with all of his partnerships seems authentic. The vibes for all of these brands just mesh with the RGC community. It’s the reason I will buy these balls, and the reason I’ve purchased a Jones Golf Bag, and a SIM driver. I love being part of this community.

  • Tim doesn’t just sell Vice or RGC..he relates the companies to my life. That’s writing, that’s a proper way at creating a relationship I never thought I formed. Golf is a relentless beast that does stop after you sink a putt, it roots down to exclusivity and wealth..both seem to be becoming more out of reach with each passing day. However, like Tim writes, Erik preaches, and Vice provide, golf is a sport that is becoming more self deprecating, more inclusive, and more welcoming to those who thougt it was out of reach. RGC, Vice, and Tim create the Holy Trinity of golf..for the handicap golfer, for the beginner, for the student, for all who choose..all are welcome. Phenomenal piece, my sir. Enjoyed it

  • Rule 17b is the perfect rule to live by. Smiling at the good shots, but ALWAYS laugh at the bad shots and carry on with life with joy!

  • “All balls are guaranteed to hit the middle of the fairway, just as long as you hold your follow through on camera for the extra 3 seconds”

    These balls look great!
    It’s just a shame my ability level wouldn’t do them justice. But maybe they’ll be perfect for the person who finds them in the rough after I have cropped sprayed them over a range of local courses.

  • If you’re having slice problems I feel bad for you son, I gotta 99 problems but my Vice (Limited time collaboration with RGC -4-layer balls with superb feel) ain’t one.

  • The way you feel about golf is so much more than about how you play it! After years of playing competitive golf and now being a recreational golfer, my mindset around golf has changed completely and I feel more in love with golf than I ever have. I may not be playing better, but I’m having way more fun! I love that these balls represent something more than just equipment, and am beyond stoked to have these in my slowly growing golf collection. Great collaboration between two great companies!

  • Love that 17b is featured on the ball – it reminds me how many balls I need to pack to make it through the round…

  • Love the community RGC has built. The partnership just makes perfect sense. As someone who is new to golf, RGC has made me feel very welcome. Keep up the great work Erik!

  • I don’t buy golf balls often. I’m a solid 17 handicap so control, spin, yadda-yadda isn’t my forte. Normally, I play late at my local muni and so I have the time to give the sides a sweep as I’m looking for my own shanked ball. More often than not I come across PRO Vs or Callaways with someone’s company logo – certainly a sleeve they got for participating in a golf outing sponsored by the same company that puts their shit stamp on a perfectly good ball. I play the found balls for the sake of not having to spend the cash to lose it to some idiot in the woods, like myself. I will however purchase Vice golf balls because they are affordable and play well. They don’t do anything special for my game except continue to make it affordable. But that’s good enough for me. Chef recommends.

  • Golf balls so durable that only scratched balls, are the ones at the end of a golf round getting rid of a golf wedgie.

  • I am a 6 handicap, and I still play with balls I find from the woods. This is the little push I needed to get me to commit to one kind of golf ball. Also I need that 17b reminder because I play golf for fun and no other reason.
    PS Congrats Erik on the Vice commercials you are a big shot now 🙂

  • Vinny, I just put my money down to hang out with you and some of your friends (are they also named Vinny? Vienna?). I am excited for our partnership and friendship. As the great Henry Ford says, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”. Onward and Upward, Vinny.

  • Nothing “random” about this collab! Just two great companies firing on all cylinders to deliver a no BS ball at a no BS price, with a message of inclusion we could frankly all use a little more of these days. Plus now we can all laugh as I shank one into the bushes off 11. Should have ordered an extra dozen….It’s alllllll in the hips!

  • This partnership is spiritually arousing. I can’t wait to see what else you all cook up in the future. Cheers to RGC and Vice from Nova Scotia. And Erik, if you ever come to play Cabot I will gladly be your chauffeur and not in a creepy way. 😂

  • Any comment made cannot describe this balls pureness. I some times need a reminder that this game is meant to be fun, now its right there in red on white. Dont take yourself to seriously, have a good time. I mean if a ball can perform and tip the mental aspect of golf in my favour it hasto be a ace of a ball.

  • Erik, These balls are going to be sliced into the woods by someone. Not by me though, I’d keep these wrapped up to give to my first born son when he starts to play golf. Then I can share the story of EAL and adventures in golf and he can watch it all with the same joy I had. Perhaps he’ll write a letter one day saying Dear Golf, I Love You

  • Vinny the vice ball may be the only way i am capable if breaking 90 this year. But i actually love and support this collab!

  • Just pocketed a Vice Pro Plus ball from a bucket of range balls, have to see if it works for my game. If I shoot better than my best 83 in today’s round might be forced to buy a dozen. Either way I can probably convince myself to buy these.

  • That board meeting was a bit breezy indeed.
    p.s. wear some shorts on the course and tan the thighs a bit

    Congrats on the new VICE ball

    Much love to RGC

  • For me, RCG and Vice go hand in hand. I got into golf fairly recently and usually score in the mid 90s. This has provided me with many opportunities to search for errant shots into the bushes. Last week on one of my searches I found a Vice ball and immediately had rule 17b pop into my mind. I hope the guy who hit it here had the same reaction to the tee shot that I did. Like all of us, I’d rather laugh from pulling off a great shot than shrugging off a bad one, but as long as I’m on the course with the boys, it’s all the same to me.

  • “‘Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.’ -Dr Bob Rotella“

  • 17b.
    “No, no! Has has to hit it now, he has to play the ball as it lies! No, I did it off Frankenstein’s fat foot! Remember those are the rules!”

    – Shooter McGavin

  • It’s the same old story. Boy finds ball, boy loses ball, ball finds boy, boy forgets ball, boy remembers ball, ball dies in a tragic blimp accident over the orange bowl on New Year’s Day.


    No, the worst.

  • Can’t wait to inevitably lose a couple of these in the long stuff, but imagine stumbling upon one of these yourself and knowing a fellow RGC member has played there before and is there in spirit.

  • When the Erik Anders Lang asked us to comment on this piece to win a dozen Vice/RGC balls, I thought, OK, sure. It’s another comment. It’s nothing sexy, but it allows me to potentially win some new golf balls. I’ve written stuff like this before: talk about how great the product/person/concept is, make myself sound cooler than I am, throw in a few funny lines, maybe a good anecdote or two, spellcheck, then sit back to see if I won anything. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    But you know what? I’d be doing myself a disservice doing that. So, I’m just going to shout out everyone who supports RGC and Vice. I’m just a weekend golfer out here trying to break 100 without losing a dozen balls every other round.

    Play on y’all.

  • I’m looking forward to sharing these with the other golfers at my local muni. And by sharing, I mean losing them in the woods only for others to find them.

  • Rule 17b extends well beyond golf. As Dr. Parent would say, I have a “habit” of getting angry and frustrated – on and off the golf course. But being mindful of Rule 17b is a great step towards developing better habits , in golf and in life.

  • Very well written. Too true that in social media era influencers push a product in our faces in a way that we can’t live without it. RGCxVICE collaboration is much more of a community coming together.

  • Just as I was about to buy a dozen of EAL Vice golf balls, I saw the hashtag #ballsforlife and wasn’t sure if I was on the right website or not.

    (Big Fan of EAL)

  • There’s a typo in the article because I read the whole thing. “if you’re if you’ve read this far,…”(second last paragraph). I also love you guys <3

  • I am really pleased to see this partnership that seemed inevitable. A Random Golf Club golf ball was something I’ve been looking for on the site, but assumed they were sold out. Lo and behold, this partnership is announced, and I’m ready to laugh at my bad shots with an RGC x Vice golf ball.

    Keep welcoming more people into the world of golf. The quarantine forced me to YouTube and I found EAL and RGC videos. I now love the game and love meeting other players. This platform makes golf cool, and it is so important for grabbing the attention of non-golfers like I was. Super excited to make these balls my go-to, right after I lose all of my bright yellow balls I found in the woods.

  • Came across this article trying to help my married friend find his balls he lost. Is this the cure he’s been looking for? #ballsforlife

  • The cost-benefit of buying these balls is much lower since the boys and I can laugh about rule 17b when I shank a shot compared to the premium golf ball I normally shank OB!

  • I tried to explain the rule of 17b to the guys who’s window I broke with an awful slice….he didn’t seem to get the humor in it though. He was more pissed off than a 3 legged dog trying to bury a turd on an icy pond.

  • When I use this ball and the first time I lose one to the woods or water, my first reaction will be to scream WILSON! As these balls will mean as much to me as Wilson did to Tom Hanks

  • I cannot wait to win these balls and one by one lose them in the long stuff I’ll inevitably find. Handing me a dozen balls is guaranteed to gift a beautiful RGC X Vice ball to twelve further golfers, who will obviously become instant customers themselves.

  • The 17b on the ball is such a nice reminder that even in the middle of (the other) fairway, you can still stripe one clean.

  • “Because I thought I was better than I was.” That’s me right now, I’ve recently jumped on the Bridgestone bandwagon… time for a reality check and switch??

  • Great article!
    I know you said it won’t make my game better.
    But just thinking of having these balls made my golfgame better. I am only topping every 5 ball now. Can’t wait to have them and lose all dozen in 1 week.
    But at least we can all follow rule 17b and laugh at the bad shots 😀

  • 17b Laugh at bad shots…. and laugh at lucky bounces, laugh at unlucky breaks, laugh at horrible lies… laugh at yourself. Golf needs more laughs…

  • The RCG needs member numbers printed on balls, so if you find one, it can have a new recorded owner and location, like that of “” I’ll be lucky enough to travel across the country for work in a couple weeks and will be placing Chambers Bay, so I would definitely be leaving balls for other people to find and look up.

  • There was an episode of Adventures in golf where Erik said something like “golf is a spiritual thing”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before but looking back on all the rounds I’ve played, the people I’ve met and the self reflecting one can do on a course. I’ve come to believe that quote is all true. Thanks Erik for what you do for the game!

  • These aren’t just random golf balls…they’re Random Golf Club Balls!

    Feel free to use that in the promo.

  • Been playing the pro soft for years. The spin and softness to me are very comparable to the B330RXS. Love the fun colors and fun stories with Vice balls.

  • I’m putting my top flites hammer distance balls aside to use these baby’s once they arrive! Hopefully I don’t lose them all on the front 9 like I usually do with the TF!

  • Man this guy has changed my golf game and the way I look at golf in so many ways. Just wanted to say thanks

  • When the printing press was created, the first thing ever printed was a bible, 42B. Forty-two lines per page, B for bible. 17b, is the written history for a new chapter in golf’s bible.

  • Been a proponent of Vice golf balls since the OG Pro, for all the cheesy reasons, not god enough for ProV1’s and still want a premo ball at a noodle price, Vice has made this possible. EAL, and RGC has put content after content of inclusive ideals and the best aspects of golf is such a great game. Breaking down the stuffy CC’s and brininging life to the MUNI is great to see and keep spreading the word!

  • Erik is someone that I deeply admire and is someone who I think most accurately depicts how I feel about this game we all love. This is a game to be shared, not to be held in some unreachable position so that nobody else can learn or play. Everything that he does with RGC, and now with Vice looks to bring so many more people to golf and make it more accessible than ever to those looking to learn. This is what makes me proud to be a part of this community, and is why I wear my RGC gear with pride and eagerly talk about it with anyone that asks.

    I’ve been playing golf for most of my life but haven’t had many people to share it with. But now RGC is something that helps to bring like minded people together, because we aren’t being paired with strangers for a round, we’re meeting new friends whose first thing in common is a love of golf. I can’t wait to play these balls, and I can’t wait to lose them to someone who might see the logos and find a new way to play

  • A perfect collab!
    You forgot one thing!
    17b: laugh at the bad shots
    EAL helped me find my love for golf.. thanks Erik!

  • This limited edition is ‘17b’ maybe the next one could be ‘Winter Rules’ … or ‘Free Drop’ 😉
    People like Erik, Vice, Bunker Mentality, EVR and Tom Coyne make Golf ‘cool’ but all arrived way after I fell in love with the game. Seve, Lee and Peter Allis on the BBC introduced me. Never to be mastered, not always enjoyed but it (she) always gives a little back to keep your heart. Like a drive straight down the middle, a pitch that stops dead or a long lagged putt that drops into the hole.
    Golf – I ❤️ U but please gimme my balls back ….

  • This limited edition is ‘17b’ maybe the next one could be ‘Winter Rules’ … or ‘Free Drop’ 😉
    People like Erik, Vice, Bunker Mentality, EVR and Tom Coyne make Golf ‘cool’ but all arrived way after I fell in love with the game. Seve, Lee and Peter Allis on the BBC introduced me. Never to be mastered, not always enjoyed but it (she) always gives a little back to keep your heart. Like a drive straight down the middle, a pitch that stops dead or a long lagged putt that drops into the hole.
    Golf – I ❤️ U but please gimme my balls back ….

  • When EAL asked me to write a review for a free box of balls, I thought, OK, sure. It’s another promotional idea of getting more traffic to the article. It’s nothing sexy, but it allows me to try and win some new golf balls. I’ve read stuff like this before: the writer talks about how great the product/person/concept is, makes it sound cooler than it is, throws in a few glowing quotes, maybe a good anecdote or two.

    But this might be different, because, well, these balls and articles are actually good.

    And it’s all true. This is a great piece of writing, promoting some great products that have now partnered with an excellent brand with a worthwhile mission.

    Now let’s go out and have fun.

  • In short, the collaboration between Vice & RGC is best summed up as a harmonious rebellion amongst old school giants. Allow me to explain.
When I first started playing golf at age six, I believe the old school, proper nature of golf and its demand of how one acts and conducts oneself around the course and clubhouse was part of the draw for me. I’ve always been a tad old school in nature (even from a young age) and the demand for dress code, respect for the course and others players was something I took pride and comfort in.

    I lived and thrived in this world anytime I stepped out onto the golf course for my entire youth. When the adult world started to call me and I started my own business, my love for the game paid off in spades. Business was conducted, new connections made and while much more limited in my playing time, my love of the game continued to grow.

    I’ve always been drawn to the allure of the Masters, to the prestige of the highest pinnacles of golf from the seat of my couch and taken cues from watching such broadcasts into my own game.

    I have always been one to be pissed off by the lack of respect that I see from others on the course and desire that everyone would step out onto the course with the same respect for the game, course and players as I grew up with.

    This persecutive of the game started to shift as my own world view and experiences started to seep into my life in a variety of ways. I started to notice the lack of diversity on the courses I played, the rising costs of equipment and greens fees (as evidenced by even my own 10 year old driver) and clear as day the distain for anything that entered the golf world that was outside the traditional, old school lens of the game.

    Outside of the concerns of the societal aspects of the game, my views were greatly altered by the likes of Rickie Fowler and those who started to bring modern style and swagger to the otherwise stiff culture of the game. I started to see the cracks in the system and it fed into a new found desire to see the game change. To blend the traditional with the desperately needed infusion of modern cultures and attitudes.

    These shifting views of the game never swayed me from my love and desire to wake up at 5:30am, grab a hot cup of coffee and crack a five iron off the first tee on a misty morning as the first rays hit the fairway. However, the blatant disparity in the game has often led me to feel guilty and quite privileged. The current ability to play the game of golf is an honest barometer for the widen gaps of privilege that have split the seams of our country.

    Today, whenever I drive to a course, I never once not think about the fact that I am getting to have an experience that many people will not, even if they’d like to. Like the burning sting of a long iron mishit, the inaccessibility of the game so many of us love is undeniable.

    This is a long journey to land at my original point. What Vice, Erik and RCG are doing is most critical to the game of golf. These platforms and businesses, are the types of initiatives and visions we must have to ensure a future where this incredible game of golf is accessible and open to anyone who wants to tee it up and let it fly.

    Vice and RCG gives me hope for the future. This new style, swagger and community that is doing their part to create access and support while loosening the collar a bit is what our game has disparately needed.

    As I write this, this ball is apparently already sold out. Another positive sign of the winds of change in the culture of our game and we’re lucky to have these two brands helping to lead the charge.

    Also, naturally, because these are now sold out and I missed the boat, winning a dozen (or even a sleeve) would most undoubtably be pretty sweet. I promise to hand them out to fellow golfers I meet out on the course.

    A note of gratitude to Erik the RCG team and Vice for your visions of new culture around our game. Much love from Michigan.


  • Bought two dozen. One box will be for me to play and eventually lose in hopes that another golfer will find it and learn about RGC. Let’s grow the community!! The second box is for when I actually get decent at the game and stop losing so many balls! Hope to see y’all out on the links soon 🙂 (socially distanced of course)

  • Write a comment to be in for a chance to win a pack?! You had me at RGC x Vice Golf ball! I’m not going to write anything long and soppy but let’s face it, in true RGC fashion would love to play these and eventually lose them all, in the hope someone finds one buried in the rough, in the lake or in plain sight (don’t pretend like it’s not impossible to easily lose a ball!) and picks it up and thinks ‘I wonder what RGC is?’ and thus…. expand that RGC family! Much love from over the pond x

  • “For a while I played ProV1s because I thought I was much better than I am. Then I became a Bridgestone guy, because Tiger uses them—again thinking I’m much, much better than I am.“

    Read this and totally resonated with me. Playing Pro Plus at the moment and gotta say that it’s one of the best golf balls I’ve played with. Great article. Awesome product! Keep producing great products and content! 👍🏼

  • 17b have fun and laugh at poor shots.

    Also route 17b is the bus route from Kelty to Crossgates in Fife, Scotland, the home of golf.

    So put your 17b ball in your bag, get on the 17b bus and play any of the 17 courses within 17 miles…… or thereabouts.

  • I never know how a round is going to go until after the first hole, but after that I can usually tell if I’ll play all 18 with the same ball or if I need to start digging in bushes for spares. Is there a shipping option that will get me another dozen balls by the time I’m at the turn?

  • I can’t wait for the day someone hits a snap-hook into the trees of the 2nd or 5th or even the 14th at my home course and in there search for the over priced ball they will have lost they StumbleUpon my RGC x vice and after finishing there round they decided to Google RGC and I couldn’t be happier for them because they get to experience this community for the first time!

  • Rule 17b(1) laugh at your friends bad shot after they bet $5 on the 11th….and laugh even harder when you promptly send a housewarming gift to a family of squirrels seconds later.

  • I don’t need a dozen. I just want two. I will name them Crockett and Tubbs. I will dress them like 1980’s porn stars and they will act horribly for about an hour, but in the end it will miraculously save the day and allow me to break par. I will play them for six years then put them away. *I really hope someone follows this reference*

  • I work for a small town fire dept. I knew that before these balls went on sale we would get called out sure enough about an hour before the sale dropped we got called out to a fire when we got there it was only 25 acres and grew all day and when we it was just over 700 acres. first thing i did after getting back to station was look to see if i could still buy balls and sure enough sold out. I use the Pros in Lime and Red and love them cant wait for edition two to come out love yall!

  • I was playing golf yesterday with three friends at Boat O’Garten golf club in the Scottish Highlands. It was a reunion type golf night away for the first time in over ten years. Great seeing them again, catching up and finding out what had been happening in their lives etc. Golf was terrible, like really bad but as always we all hit some very memorable shots, both good and bad. My personal highlight of the weekend however was finding one of the balls that you are all talking about here, ‘Random Golf Club’ and ‘Rule 17b’ stamped on it. For a moment I genuinely thought I had found one of Erik’s stray golf balls. Made me laugh and gave me the chance to enlighten my golf mates of all things EAL and Random Golf Club related. No doubt you will now have three more followers and potential purchasers of Vice balls going forward.
    Stay safe everyone and never stop laughing, not just at the bad golf shots.

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