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Texas Here We Come

Texas Here We Come

Packing my bag for a very, very long golf trip

As I write this I have several tabs open on my computer’s web browser. One of them is an intricate Google Maps route starting from my home in Los Angeles moving up through Utah, into Colorado, then down to New Mexico and finally into Texas – Austin specifically. The next tab is a rental home listing. Also in Austin. A few others are pulled up with different public golf courses in Austin. One is for a moving company. Another is a YouTube video called “Where To Live In Austin”. I think you see what is happening here. 

I am embarking on a road trip that some people use at one or two points in their lives to commemorate a ‘reel change’ – to use a cinema term. A page break. A cache refresh. An iPhone update. A new home. A new life. Two weeks on the road in between what will, in a matter of hours become my old home to a place that I will soon call ‘my home’. 

I spend a lot of time planning and writing. Most of the things you see from RGC have been discussed at length before landing on your screen or your doorstep. I realized today that I am about to set sail on a part of my life that is entirely unwritten. I have literally no idea how it is going to go, who I am going to meet, what I will find, and on and on. The pages are blank. At this, I feel completely divided. One half thoroughly terrified, shrinking with a smelly desire to abort the mission. My other half, the confident and wise painter, looks at his brush, easel, and pigment, patiently ready to make the first strokes on a fresh canvas.

We want to show everyone out there that golf is not just a game to be played – it’s a game to be lived.

These first strokes are a rough outline of the RGC HQ in Austin. It is surrounded by a healthy community of golfers – forward-thinking individuals all looking to do one thing. Change the world. Leave our mark. Innovate. Pioneer. We all want to grow and thrive with this game. We want to show everyone out there that golf is not just a game to be played – it’s a game to be lived. We are here to break the molds that hold us back and make the molds that move us forward. And our molds include every place, every way of thinking and every single person. Thank you for shaping the future with RGC with me. In a few weeks, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming – but now on Central Standard Time – which will be a first for me. 

– Erik

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  • Brave man! Hope this works out. Always wanted to go there . Great music. Short of moving to Scotland sounds like a great choice!
    Neil – Stroud Gloucestershire

  • It’s goon be great! So proud of the courage you continue to find or perhaps, it’s the fears you continue to ignore! Yes, some of it is definitely the 2nd. I have a few grey hairs to prove it! Dad and I are supporting you as you, Go For It!

      • So, is Craig T. Nelson coming with you??? Either way, safe travels to you and Snowball. I have family in Austin if you get hung up and need something. My cousin is a golfer, so you’d be in familiar company. I can’t wait to hear about the journey!

  • Welcome to town. We’ll make an exception for this Californian 😉

    If you need the lay of the land from a born and raised kid, we got you. Especially a guide if where to eat and some street pronunciations so you get to sounding like a local.

  • Erik: love your material. Welcome to the Lone Star State; you will love Austin. The golf in Texas is good, cannot wait to see how you present what you are able to experience.

  • Congrats! I’ve been toying with a similar idea, but that fearful side is getting the best of me. A tiny/small home on a large piece of land sounds optimal… and Texas has that in spades. I wish you luck, but even more success. Maybe seeing you take on Texas will give me the kick in the pants I need. Peace, buddy!

  • It’s a great town. Hope all goes well, may be joining you soon enough. Be safe. Have fun. Laugh at the bad shots.

    Oh and Magnolia Cafe is a must.

  • Congrats on the move and I really look forward to the content a RGC culture that will come out of Texas. Please do let me know if you need a 4th in a round in Colorado!

  • Welcome to Texas! You’re going to love it here. Just know that even us born&raised Texans never get used to the summer heat, we just don’t waste the effort complaining about it (as much). Let us know if you make it up to the Dallas/FtWorth area. I’m sure your guy Brodie would love to collab again. Hopefully see you and Snowball down in ATX sooner than later! Safe travels

  • Welcome to Austin! Can’t wait for the RGC events to come! We have an amazing muni system that I hope RGC will contribute to.

  • Welcome to Texas, you will love the food and music scene in Austin and San Antonio (where we live) is just a short drive and has a nice collection of public golf.

  • Eric
    Great news? Austin and Texas have some great courses.
    I am in Dallas but can easily come to Austin to meet you.
    Dam Brantley

  • Sorry to see you leave us here in SoCal, but I totally get it. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’m ready for change as well. I was always hoping to run into you at Roosevelt, Harding or Penmar. This just makes me more committed to attend your next RGC gathering here in Cali. Be well and best of luck at your new digs.

  • Always heading in the direction of the unknown, never staying stuck in one place, creating new life goals each time you turn around, staying positive and motivated about life, accepting any challenge given, finding new friends at every curve, living in the moment…. That was your Grandpa Bell’s philosophy! His Legacy lives on in you, Erik! Can’t wait to hear how wonderful Austin is from your perspective!

  • Best of luck in Texas Erik. Love the channel and the content. I may be right behind you in leaving CA for TX. Can’t wait to enjoy the new chapters you are going write and create in the future.

  • To a future fellow Texas,
    Howdy and Welcome! I lived in Austin for school and the start of my career (now live in Dallas), and all I can say is you will absolutely love it! Great people, incredible food, and great golf. If you ever venture up to Dallas for a round I would love join the RGC that would follow.
    Best of luck to you!
    Hook’em Horns 🤘🏼

  • I will admit, I got kind of teary eyed while reading this, but they were bitter sweet, and I only hope and wish the best for you on this new journey! You’re taking a lead a lot of people fear for, myself included. Moving out of state to pursue a career opportunity has been tearing my apart for the last 2 years, so seeing you make the leap gives myself a little courage to know it can be done! You’re doing amazing things in golf and it’s incredibly admirable! Los Angeles golf will miss you no doubt! You got this Erik! Keep pressing on!

  • Welcome to Austin. Great people, great golf, and good times. No state income tax either A little warm right now, but you get acclimated……sort of.

  • As they say, change is… hard, scary, exciting, exhilarating, addicting and yes at times, necessary. Today marks the two year anniversary of my move from Boston to LA and I still get all the feels thinking about that, and where my next move will be. Congrats on your new chapter – you and Snowball are gonna love it! Excited to see the continued growth of RGC as well. Safe travels!

  • Welcome to Texas! Congrats on the move! Austin , the home to good music, good BBQ and some pretty good golf. Hopefully catch you out on the course

  • Erik, glad to hear you will be moving to the great state of Texas! I’ve been here for 17 years and love it! I am sure you get a lot of course recommendations, so I thought I would throw a couple of mine in the ring. Not exactly sure where you are heading on your road trip, but if you get a chance you should stop in Golden, Colorado and play a round at Fossil Trace Golf Club. The course has some stunning views!

    Now for Texas, the golf here is a little more flat than what you’re probably used to but it can still be challenging. Austin as you already know has some great golf courses around! I spent 3 fantastic years at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX which is about 30 minutes South of Austin. While I was there I found a couple of courses that I absolutely loved! My favorite is The Bandit Golf Club in New Braunfels, TX. As an added source of entertainment New Braunfels has their own version of Oktober called WurstFest that you might get a kick out of. Unfortunately COVID has cancelled WurstFest this year but I hope you can attend that amazing event at some point while you are here in Texas! The other favorite of mine in the area is The Quarry Golf Course in San Antonio, where one of the nines is pretty open and the other was designed within an old quarry.

    I hope this helps you start getting a pretty good list of courses together. Also if you ever want a playing partner I would be more than happy to join you! I live in Houston now, but always love an excuse to head over to the Texas Hill Country.

    Just remember in the words of George Strait “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!”

    -Grant Woods

  • As a fellow Angeleno, we’ll miss you. I thoroughly enjoyed few moments we talked at Riviera this February. Best of luck out there, I hope to see you again .

  • Perfect timing! Wise move to get out of LA.
    My wife and I have been contemplating the same. Austin is a great choice!! Tulsa has been tops our consideration list but have many friends in Austin and they love it.

    Hope to get to play a round with you some day!
    Best of luck.

  • Lived in Austin for a handful of months… you will want to discover Jo’s coffee next door to the Hotel San Jose… both Austin treasures. Also discover Central Market in Westgate ~ great food supply, great customer service and cold-pressed juices!!!
    Look forward to hearing/seeing your new venture unfold…

  • As an Austinite, avid golfer, and fellow Erik (with a K) this exciting news! Courses in Austin have a lot of character and there are great golf getaways in every direction.

  • Congrats! Love your stories. If you want a game along the way, you’ve got friends in Durango, Colorado. Stop on by and we can play with the crew at Dalton. Have a great trip!

  • Safe travels on the road to you and your family. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any RGC meets in San Antonio…ill try to make one in Austin.

  • Eric,
    Welcome to Texas. In my lifetime I have moved here (4) different times And yes my most recent move was from Orange County, CA. Just can’t seem to stay away and there’s something about this place that makes you feel anything is accomplishable. Texas exudes confidence. People are not just friendly, but hospitable and that goes along way. Austin is great and has a ton of creativity and innovation blossoming from it’s natives and non-natives. You’ll love the queso, BBQ, and all the other great foods from around the state. As with California and it’s micro-climates we have those as well, from the higher elevations in the west to the coastal waters of the Gulf. Ours are just a bit farther apart. You’ll have a bit more change in your pocket living here, hope that’s ok.

    They are building the PGA of America down the street from my house and from first impressions it’s going to be amazing. As others have mentioned so many great courses in this state. Courses around San Antonio and Austin area are scenic and challenging. DFW area has more tour pro’s than I can count. In the year 2000 I moved into a neighborhood that had a 9-hole short course. Longest hole was maybe 125 yards. Developer had named the course “The Crescent”. My buddies from that hood and I only used a wedge and putter, therefore we deemed it “Wedgewood”. We created a bond in that neighborhood that still lasts to this day. Our annual buddies trips are called The Wedgewood Cup ( We just just completed our 16th Wedgewood Cup. Just think when Random Golf Club hits 16 or 20 years!

    Let me say again, Welcome to Texas, hope the move goes smooth. If your in the DFW area give me a shout. Would love to have RGC event at The Trails of Frisco Golf Club. Keep up the great content buddy!
    Chuck Melton

    • Plano resident here, I’ve heard good things about the Trails just in the last few days. I’ll have to check it out! My favorite course is Pecan Hollow out by me in Plano/Murphy area.

  • Wow, I started following you during COVID and it’s crazy to think that you’re moving to Austin. I haven’t played a round of golf in 10 years but watching your videos made me want to go out and experience the love for the game I used to have again. As an Austinite, I want to welcome you to Austin and I’m sure you’ll experience the awesome southern hospitality and great food here.

    I personally haven’t been able to explore the Austin golf scene while living here for a decade because of school and work, so I am looking forward to watching the golf adventures you’ll have here and even in the great state of Texas. If you even need any food recommendations, feel free to hit me up for some recs! Good luck and hope to bump into to you around Austin!

  • Hey Erik.
    I am wondering if you have any golf set up during your time in St. George? Please let me know…especially if you need a 4th!

    Andrew Ply

  • Erik

    As a huge fan of all you do I wish you well. Probably a great choice with all the culture and space, and the lower cost of doing business. The abundance of land will probably make for a sick RGC headquarters too, I’m sure.

    I’ll be golfing with the logo on my hat and hopefully soon a tag on my golf bag. Keep crushing it, and hopefully I’ll be able to play in an event here in the NY area sometime in the future.

    Safe travels man,


  • As a resident of Houston and a lover of both golf/videography your channel has been amazing on a personal level! Now knowing you’re closer to home, is awesome! Welcome to Texas!..

  • Glad to have y’all in Texas! I currently live in Dallas, but I lived in San Antonio during my time in the Air Force. Both cities have some incredible courses. If you need some recommendations for courses, or (most importantly) a good BBQ place, feel free to ask me or anyone else in Texas. Everyone is our neighbor!

  • I’m confused by the picture with the dog in it on this post. Hardly any courses in the USA allow dogs on the golf course. Do you know of some in Texas perchance?

  • I have recently discovered your youtube channel and now your podcast. I am 6 months late to this post, but I wanted to say welcome to Texas! Hope you like living in a state that also sees itself as a country (i’m sure you’ve observed this by now).

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