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NBA Champion Andre Iguodala

NBA Champion Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala on Golf and Meditation

Erik sits down with NBA champ and avid golfer Andre Iguodala to discuss the crossovers between golf and life. Andre speaks about his path to becoming a professional athlete and says that much of his success came from altering his goals to match his environment; which Erik compares to a round of golf. Together they cover topics like headspace meditation, handicaps, golf fashion, and many more. Be sure to listen until the end for a very thoughtful ‘Dear Golf’ from Andre.

1:10 – Erik asks Andre if he thought his childhood dream of being a professional athlete was attainable. Andre describes his hometown as a place full of talented people, unaware of their potential.

8:20 – After Andre expresses his love for Jordan shoes, Erik poses the question, “why are shoes like, everything?” Andre mentions it’s the same way in golf.

9:32 – Erik finally gets Andre to dive into the game of golf. Erik asks him, “at what point did you hit your first golf ball?” Andre describes the golf camp he attended when he was just 10 or 11 years old. 

11:40 – Due to his grades in school, Andre explains that he was in class with all the white kids. He mentions that all the other black kids in his school would look at him as a nerd, playfully. He then explains the first moment he experienced prejudice, as an African-American child. 

14:30 – After talking about his experience as a child, Erik asks Andre if he’s experienced prejudice in golf. Andre says he has, at a nearby private country club.

16:30 – For Andre, golf is an escape, and he mentions that he does not want to talk about basketball on the golf course. Mentions a story when he played golf with Steph Curry during the playoffs. 

32:20 – Andre brings up his idea of creating a golf club, hosted by him at his homie simulator. Mentions how much he loves Random Golf Club, and the entire vibe around the movement. 

33:20 – Erik tells Andre the ideas and feelings he had when first entering the world of golf, and how that molded his idea for RGC. 

37:20 – After a discussion about fashion in golf, Andre goes over the process of getting his golf apparel tailored for him. Most golf brands don’t have NBA All-Stars in mind while they’re designing their clothes. 

38:43 – Erik poses the question to Andre, what is it about golf that has him so hooked?

46:20 – Andre mentions that golf has brought him some of his closest friends in life. 

48:00 – Erik brings up meditation, which Andre is very passionate about, and describes his entire process. Also talks about his method for forgetting bad holes while on the course. 

63:40 – Andre writes his letter to golf. 


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