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The Finale of Breaking Sawgrass. Next On The Tee? Breaking Torrey Pines

The Finale of Breaking Sawgrass. Next On The Tee? Breaking Torrey Pines

Joe Hooks, Tom Coyne, and Ben Goodly have arrived at the 17th at TPC Sawgrass with their pride on the line. And when the last putt drops? We’re on to Torrey Pines, home of the 2021 U.S. Open, to see what YOU, the RGC Community, can pull off on camera. Will you Break Torrey? Or will Torrey break you?

Want to Break Torrey? Now’s Your Chance!

The RGC team has been blown away by the love from the community around our Breaking Sawgrass series, and now we want to run it back! We want YOU to show up at this year’s U.S. Open venue and play it just like the pros β€” every shot on camera, from the tips. All you have to do to put your name in the hat is fill out this survey:


DATES: June 6-8 (all-day)

Our first experiment with three players couldn’t have been more dramatic. So let’s see what you, the RGC community out there, can do at the king of the munis: Torrey Pines.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

NOW LIVE: The Finale of Breaking Sawgrass

The greens are still fast and firm. The rough has grown even longer than it was on Sunday. And you can almost still hear the last few fans leaving the grandstands at the Stadium Course.

It’s the day after THE PLAYERS Championship. The pros are gone, but the conditions are the same (if not harder 😏). And three different golfers from the RGC community are here to try their hand at conquering TPC Sawgrass β€” from the tips.

Joe Hooks (@joe.hooks) is a professional golfer on the APGA Tour, with a +4 handicap. In this round, he’ll be aiming to break 75, which is the score Jordan Spieth mustered on a tough Sunday at this year’s PLAYERS. Tom Coyne (@coynewriter), Senior Editor at The Golfer’s Journal and 3.2 handicapper, is planning on breaking 90 (if the security guard will let him in). And Ben Goodly (@mrgoodlycooks), a New Orleans-based food blogger and casual golf addict, is gunning to break triple digits so he can reward himself with some brews and some BBQ.

Tune in to experience: the triumph, the heartbreak, and the nausea (yes, a round at Sawgrass isn’t complete without nausea). And stay tuned in to see who hits the green on No. 17 β€” and who can break Sawgrass.


  • Joe Hooks – Break 75
  • Tom Coyne – Break 90
  • Ben Goodly – Break 100

The “Breaking Sawgrass” Series


Episode 1

They’re off! And the walk from the first tee is a little longer than usual, because these guys are playing from ALL the way back. The course measures over 7,200 yards from the tips, and Joe, Ben, and Tom learn right away just how long that really is.

The first few holes get the drama started after tons of anticipation and an anxious range session. In this episode, the guys are immediately greeted with their first ACE CAM opportunity on the 3rd hole, and a Tour-favorite in the challenging par-4 4th hole that calls for some creativity.

You’ll see how Tom’s “water ball budget” looks after a few holes, how Joe’s morning meal gets him ready for the round, and how Ben is handling the bunkers (so far). Check out the first episode to see how they fare through four.

Episode 2

The guys are four holes in, and after a few roundabout scores to begin the day, the squad settles in for the first real test of stamina. The bunkers look a little bigger and the hazards start to feel a little more magnetic in the second installment of Break 90. But through it all, Joe, Tom, and Ben still have a shot to hit their numbers β€” even if for some it feels unlikely. In particular, Joe came out of the gates hot, carding a very respectable 37 despite fighting his stomach in addition to Sawgrass.

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Brian Baumgartner is back to get revenge on Erik Anders Lang. They’ve waited two years for this battle at The Bridges, and the guys do not disappoint.

“JT shot even on the front yesterday. Just sayin’.”

Sit back and enjoy the back nine!

Episode 3

The back nine is here! And for one or two of our players, it feels like there are 100 holes left. Joe is still hugging par for dear life, Tom is just off-pace for his goal of breaking 90, and Ben…Ben may have to readjust his goal.

But consider the pressure: this dude is playing a MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP course from THE TIPS. And every shot is ON CAMERA. With a shot tracer to show where every shot goes.

Stick with these guys through the first half of the back nine β€” the hero hole is coming soon!

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  • Amazing production here guys. Future in some commentary for EAL as well? Just shows how good the tour pros are when you see this. Looking forward to episode 2! πŸ‘

  • This is great entertainment. Netflix should definitely be involved. Joe Hooks is a champ… big fan. Ben … relatable. I’d also like to request the first two episodes of the Netflix deal contain a match. Tom Coyne and a PGA tour pro vs. Erik Most and a PGA tour pro.

  • Love this content! Wish I could be apart of one of these amazing productions one day! Keep up the great work RGC!

  • This is where the link took me, so I’ll apply here. I would love to join in Torrey as the double digit guy. I hover around a 11-13.Ive played since middle school, but in the last 18 months I’ve introduced the game to 5 of my buddies. It’d be a nice change of pace to join a group where I get to be awe of some of the shots. Golf is all about perspective, and breaking Sawgrass showcased that perfectly.

  • I would love to be on the next episode! I am pretty new to golf and have been consistently been shooting in the 80s. I love this game and RGC’s perspective on it. Thanks fo all that you guys do!

  • -6.9 handicap would love to play at Torrey. Born and raised in San Diego, just moved out recently. Never got a chance to play either course at Torrey. It would be a treat!

  • I would love the first episode of one of the future series to cover the competitors at their home courses preparing for the challenge!

  • It would be my dream to be the next guest on this show. I’m a 8 handicap and am 23 years old just finished college and have watched EAL for YEARS now. Please chose me, keep up the great work!

  • Some of the most unique content I’ve seen on YouTube let alone the golf community of YouTube. I loved seeing the difference in levels of play and having the ability to relate to at least one shot of each of Ben, Tom and Joe. As a longtime golfer (24 now and played since about 3 with plastic clubs) you dream of the chance to play such reputable courses as Sawgrass and Torrey Pines (or TPC Twin Cities a little closer to home for me) I would love to throw my hat in the ring to be a part of the next series at Torrey. I usually shooting low 80s but never kept a true handicap , might take a few more cuts at Torrey just to really get my money’s worth.

  • I’m a 0.1 and i would love to take on torrey! Could definitely drain a birdie on 18 like Tiger did in 08. This series has been awesome keep up the great content EAL!

  • Hi Great Video, Always impressed with how you do these things and the soothing sounds of EAL. I’m From the UK and play off 9, maybe these times don’t permit, but I would love to be involved with one of these.

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