Rule 17b reigns supreme at RGC. Here you’ll find at length expositions of 17b to bring levity to your game.

BACKSWING THOUGHTS Harry Vardon: The Rightful King of Westeros

The tale of Harry Vardon turning in his golf clubs for a sword.

I grew up on it. Sitting in the back of a tan minivan with a…

BACKSWING THOUGHTS Magic Is Real, and It’s Called St Andrews

An inexplicable story of a little Scottish town’s spellbinding place in our enchanted game

No, you are not at Hogwarts, and those are not pictures of Dumbledore that every…

BACKSWING THOUGHTS Assistant Pro University

The ridiculous journey of becoming an Assistant Pro.

A memo from Shinnecock Pro Shop to be released to all departments immediately: FOUND: Course…

BACKSWING THOUGHTS Does Malcom Gladwell Hate Golf?

With this one podcast, Gladwell irked golfers everywhere

“I hate golf, and hopefully by the end of this episode you’ll hate golf too.”…