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Random Golf Club is a community of creative golfers all over the world who want to make the game more inclusive and fun for everyone. Across the globe, our local chapters spread the ‘ALL ARE WELCOME’ message in their hometowns by getting together for rounds of golf and RGC Meetups: one-of-a-kind events where groups of 10 or 20 people (or even 100 people) all play the same hole at once.

Right now we’ve got local chapters teeing it up on every continent except Antarctica — until we host our first meetup there.

Check out the map above to find the chapter nearest to you. Visit their chapter page to connect with the ambassador about joining the chapter and attending the next meetup.

For now, the best place to stay connected day-to-day is through RGC Chapter accounts on Instagram. Keep an eye out for the Random Golf Club App coming this fall, and join the email list below to get every update.

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We’re always looking to grow the RGC Community around the world, and we’re excited that you want to share the Random Golf Club mission within your local community!

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