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Sourced from friends, family, thrift shops, and our travels, every vintage piece tells it's own story. This collection, with new pieces added every week, is our way of celebrating those stories and your opportunity to add to them.



A true grail from everyone's favorite tournament, the Bellsouth Senior Classic... or as it was known in it's final year, the Music City Championship at Gaylord Opryland. The first winner of this tournament was lee Trevino…winner of the draw for this tee is: TBD



You can’t convince me this polo doesn’t look like a paper mache art project. It also looks like something Kramer would wear on the golf course. The fit is nice and baggy—plenty of room to make that full turn.



This vintage Tommy Hilfiger polo is on the louder side, for when making a statement is absolutely necessary. If you’re going to wear this piece on the course, you must be the person shooting 69 or 120. Nothing in between.


Ping Rope Hat

A scavenger hunt list of items you'd find in your grandpa’s closet, all conveniently located on one hat.


The Greatest Polo On Earth

When you need an extra dose of confidence on the tee, just look down at Mickey taking a full cut in his '98 classics and pom pom-ed beret and you'll be all set.


The Grimace Polo

If grimace was your favorite happy meal character this tee is for you. Also, if you grimace when you yell fore then you may have just found your new favorite shirt. Also, is this a polo or a tee shirt?


Izod Knit Sweater

If RGC meetups had an official winter uniform, it would be this sweater.


Pebble Beach Visor

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
Just wow—a vintage Pebble Beach high crown visor.

No disrespect to Pebble, but if they were smart they’d ditch their current logo and go back to this one immediately. The green and blue embroidery works so well with the cream of the visor.

This piece has a wonderful shape to it, and to no surprise, the visor was actually made by Imperial. An added bonus to this piece is that it’s a much cheaper alternative to actually playing the golf course.

Trust me, if you own this visor you are allowed to lie and say you’ve played Pebble. Just say it was “an unbelievable experience, and hole 7 was straight into the wind.” Nobody will question your story.


Nutmeg Crew

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me fired up like a crewneck sweatshirt depicting an older gentleman golfing.

The more I look at the fully embroidered front graphic, the more I realize there is a lot to discuss. So let’s go ahead and unpack this graphic: From his outfit, I can tell you that this man is important—important to the point that nobody is telling him that the knickers he's wearing are not the move. 

He also has an absolute beater of a downhill lie. My guy is trying to pull off the hero shot right at the pin, all with a bad back (probably). Legend.

Anyway, this crewneck is a size large and is comfy as hell.


Striped It Polo

I used to wear a polo that looked exactly like this out to the bars back in college.

A calculated decision as vertical stripes are objectively very fun. I have no idea where that shirt went, but I think I like this one is way better anyway.

This polo in particular has enough character to be your “fun shirt”. Since it has a collar, you could probably also wear it to most jobs, and the embroidered Tommy Hilfiger Golf crest on the chest is a classy detail that reminds everyone that you are, in fact, a golfer.


The Way I Do Tee

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
I'm all in on this shirt. I love the joke, I love the quality of the print, and I love that it’s a bright blue Lee blank.

Somewhere along the line, every shirt with a joke on it started looking you bought it at a gas station. This shirt is definitely not one of those.

Not only is the print itself high-quality, it's on top of a bright blue, 100% cotton Lee blank. This piece also has a great weight to it, and is broken in to the point that it will immediately be the most comfortable shirt you own.

What else is there to say? The message on the front



Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
I had no idea CBS made merch, but here we are.

Honestly, they have way too iconic of a logo to not make more branded clothing than they do. If I could go back to 1991, I’d buy like 30 of these hats.

The Masters green on the white hat is just such a clean colorway, and the cursive type treatment below the CBS logo is so classic.

If you don’t believe this hat is from 1991, just look at the stitching on the brim. It has seen better days for sure, but there’s nothing wrong with standard wear & tear.


Whistler Golf Club Crewneck

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
I have no idea what “Canadian Classic Golf Style” is supposed to mean, but that doesn’t keep me from totally rocking with this crewneck sweater.

The print on the front has aged beautifully; the arched type overtop the graphic has such a sweet look to it, and while I never have understood the point of a crest, the one on this sweater looks pretty dang cool.

It's sized XXL which means it will fit pretty much anyone, as items like these should be worn exclusively oversized, anyway.


IRBG Rope Hat

Whether you wear your heart on your sleeve or on the top of your head, there's no secret to what you'd rather be doing right now.

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)

Whenever I see a piece that looks like this, I always wonder where it was first purchased.Did someone find this hat at a rest stop off of I-95 headed down to Florida?

Did a golf enthusiast iron on the biggest patch ever made to a blank hat? Who knows, but the one thing I can tell you is that this hat was not found in a pro shop. The trucker silhouette paired with the jumbo rope helps make this hat a timeless piece that can be worn forever. Seriously, whoever snags this hat needs to track me down in 20 years—I wanna see how this thing holds up. 

And don’t even get me started on the colorway … The cobalt blue body is so eye catching. There is something about this blue that is so inoffensive, yet so cocky.The contrast green underbill really plays into the classic look of this piece. I don’t know who decided that every hat from 1980 to 2000 had to have a green underbill, but give them a raise because I love it more than anything.

Okay, and here’s my final pitch: if you love golf, then the message on the hat says everything. If you hate golf, well the irony of wearing this piece is pretty funny if you ask me.



Every t-shirt should just be a mock neck. Hot take or not, this one in particular is special.

Why is it special? Well for starters, it’s heavy—like in a bath towel kinda way. If your brain works anything like mine, the heavier the shirt, the nicer it is—no questions asked.

It’s also a single stitch mock neck! Single stitch construction was the standard for t-shirts produced up until the mid 90’s. This production style is synonymous with quality, which means this mock neck probably won’t fall apart. Owning a single stitch shirt also gives you the license to act like a vintage clothing snob (totally super cool and not annoying).

The artwork on the front is so hilarious in the best way. First things first, you can tell this guy is dying to play a draw. The club face is so hooded at the follow through, you could rest a glass of lemonade on it. Between the mechanics of the swing, and the lone word “golf,” I would venture to say that whoever designed this shirt has never picked up club. Also the golf ball kinda looks like a cow.

For those of you out there who didn’t know, Tiger Woods invented the mock neck in 2003. He first debuted his signature style later that year at the Buick Invitational. When asked about the origin of his new look on the course, he said, “yeah, I actually created it.”

Anyway, who knows if this is true, I’m just a guy who likes mocknecks.