Introduced in 1992, this brand was born to help others create their own "Golf Sporting Club." On the course, on the street, wherever you take it - this polo represents years of stories, style, and golf community.

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
If I had to describe this piece to you without pictures, I would say that it’s what you would get if you crossed a standard polo, with a shirt your gym teacher would wear, and injected it with the energy of a NASCAR uniform. 

The combination of the heather grey knit body with the various artwork styles creates such a one-of-a-kind, fun look and feel to this piece. From the large prints on both the front and back, to the embroidery above the left chest, this polo covers all of the bases when it comes to the display of artwork. 

For this polo, it's the details that act as the proverbial cherry of top. The triangular metallic stud located underneath the placket is such a unique touch. The rib knit welt pocket on the left chest has a solid construction to it, and is such a defining characteristic to this piece. Even the printed double stripes that wrap both sleeves and the main body help give this polo an additional layer of depth. 

Everything about this polo screams early 90’s to me, a time I miss deeply even if I wasn’t even born yet.

Our Mission

Random Golf Club is here to change the way golf is seen and played through media, products, and events.

RGC Media

RGC Media is what happens when a film studio, an editorial platform, and a growing audio network all try to answer the question that keeps us coming back to golf: How can something we know so well continue to surprise us?



RGC products are designed to challenge the notions of what golf is supposed to be by giving you a license to decide what it can be.



RGC Meetups are the physical manifestation of our mission. 60 people in 1 group. A partner you've never met. The pressure of 120 eyes and the reality that where your ball ends up? It doesn't matter quite as much as it did yesterday.


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