There are few feelings better than flushing it down the middle and holding your finish like you're posing for a painting. Bottle that pride and take it wherever you go with this tee.

Peter's Take (RGC Designer)
Every t-shirt should just be a mock neck. Hot take or not, this one in particular is special.

Why is it special? Well for starters, it’s heavy—like in a bath towel kinda way. If your brain works anything like mine, the heavier the shirt, the nicer it is—no questions asked.

It’s also a single stitch mock neck! Single stitch construction was the standard for t-shirts produced up until the mid 90’s. This production style is synonymous with quality, which means this mock neck probably won’t fall apart. Owning a single stitch shirt also gives you the license to act like a vintage clothing snob (totally super cool and not annoying).

The artwork on the front is so hilarious in the best way. First things first, you can tell this guy is dying to play a draw. The club face is so hooded at the follow through, you could rest a glass of lemonade on it. Between the mechanics of the swing, and the lone word “golf,” I would venture to say that whoever designed this shirt has never picked up club. Also the golf ball kinda looks like a cow.

For those of you out there who didn’t know, Tiger Woods invented the mock neck in 2003. He first debuted his signature style later that year at the Buick Invitational. When asked about the origin of his new look on the course, he said, “yeah, I actually created it.”

Anyway, who knows if this is true, I’m just a guy who likes mocknecks.

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