Our Team

We like to think that we have jobs just like the rest of the golf clubs out there — except totally different.

Take a look at what each of us does for RGC, and see where you’d fit in.

Erik Anders Lang

Head Amateur (Founder & CEO)

I meant to start a production company but randomly found this group of people and we decided to change golf instead. Perpetually stoked. All-team meetings are my happy place.

Evan Roosevelt

Club President (President & COO)

Golf dad. “The business guy.” Rarely keeping score, but playing for the community.

Tony Knapton

Brand Marshall (Art Director)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Have bowled multiple 300s. “‘Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.’ – Kanye West” – Tony Knapton. If triple bogeys are cool, consider me Miles Davis.

Forrest Riddle

Clubhouse Superintendent (Vice President of Operations)

Muni golfer and tinkerer. Grew up on a course with a trailer for a clubhouse, so I learned early that the best things in golf tend to be talked about the least. At my happiest hopping a fence with a Sunday bag.

Peter Heon

Course Architect (Product & Architectural Designer)

Always looking to hit a stinger. Easily distracted. Not afraid of a good cry.

Alexa Boone

General Manager (Director of People & Culture)

People person at RGC. Naturally terrible at sports, but here for a good time. Never thought I’d know so much about golf by association, but "All Are Welcome" after all.

Keffer Rhodes

Video Maintenance (Post-Production Manager)

New golfer, native Texan. Excellent restaurant recommendations. Shot 92 once. *Has a hole in one.*

Andy Ogburn

Voicekeeper (Editorial & Marketing Director)

Tending the pin for any words you see from Random Golf Club. Self-proclaimed “Flop Daddy”, but you can't choose your own nickname. Out of bounds, I’m into live music and a good pair of sneakers. No longer sleeping in a van.

Simon Krenk

Director of Visual Communications (D.P.)

New to Texas and new to golf. Spend my free time exploring mountain bike trails. Advocate for bucket hats and fancy cameras.

Jessica Jellison

Amateur Shop Merchandiser (Product Developer)

Beginner golfer that will surprise smack it then completely miss. Enjoy board sports, swimming, hiking, and will travel anywhere and try any food on the planet. A git’er done product extraordinaire that loves good laughs and great products.

Haley Wineman

Member Relations (Community Manager)

Used to playing golf in barn lofts with bovine companions. Making a difference in the community from the inside out. Off the course, find me scouting out my next hiking trip in the hills of Central TX.

Blais Herman

Club Affairs (Business Development Associate)

Austin native growing golf in my hometown. Unabashed love for Jordan Speith. Passionate about Longhorn Football and eight-foot gimmes.

JoJo Phillips

Podcast Maintenance (Associate Producer)

Like mythology, puzzles, cooking, and golf. Want to hear about the best shot of your life. RGC sound person. Think that, at the end of the day, it’s all just waves and radiation.

Max Bryan

Club Photographer (Photographer)

Father to a loving eucalyptus plant. Strong preference for woodfired pizza. Thought ACL was cooler five years ago.

Josh Levine

Forecaddie (Business Development Account Strategist)

New Yorker, Buckeye, and golfer. Trying to break 80. Trying to find beer near a hiking trail. Big fan of Japan, Hawaii, and Israel.

John Kaser

Course Designer (Graphic Designer)

Not new to golf, but not good at golf. Aiming for the fairway, shooting from the rough. gRaPhIc dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn.

Saul Villarreal

Ranger (Production Assistant)

Amateur aquascape artist, traveler, sound engineer and storyteller. Student of the game showing up with an inherently goofy and awkward spirit. Will enter water hazards to find your lost ball, no questions asked.

Hannah Hennen

Clubhouse Attendant (Executive Assistant)

1/10 at golf, 10/10 at baked goods. Always eating. Always reading. Obsessed with my rat-shaped dog.

Jarod Wilkins

Caddiemaster (Story Producer)

Avid storyteller and goofball. Constantly giving unwarranted music recommendations. Recently discovered the beauty of golf through the people who love the game. Honored to share their stories.

Megan Nunneley

Newest Member (People Operations Intern)

New kid on the RGC block! Never really understood golf, but up for the challenge. A few of my favorite things are kayaking, buying new pens, and eating peanut butter out of the jar.