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About our Events

Bringing People Together


Meetups are the foundational events from which the Mad Scramble Tour evolved. Initially, these meetups were standalone events, spontaneously organized in diverse locations ranging from Finland and England to Australia and across the United States.

These gatherings were the seedlings of what would become the much-anticipated Mad Scramble Tour. Meetups serve as casual, yet vibrant gatherings, bringing together local golf communities for a day of fun, friendship, and golf in various formats. They embody the grassroots spirit of RGC, fostering local connections and celebrating the game in its purest form. While the Mad Scramble Tour is a series of these meetups, organized in a more structured tour format, both types of events share the common goal of making golf more inclusive and enjoyable for all.


Mad Scramble Tour

The "Mad Scramble Tour" is a series of dynamic golf events hosted by Erik & The Random Golf Club Team, designed to bring together golf enthusiasts from all backgrounds. These tours are characterized by large-scale scrambles, where teams of participants, often strangers at the start, play together in an alternate shot format.

The emphasis is on camaraderie and enjoyment, breaking away from traditional golf norms to create a more inclusive and social atmosphere. Each tour stop offers a unique experience, fostering community and friendships, and embodying our mission to change the way golf is seen and played.


Chapter Events

Chapter Events at are unique, local gatherings spearheaded by our dedicated RGC Captains. These captains, are enthusiastic ambassadors of RGC in various locations around the globe, organize events that bring together the local golfing community.

These gatherings range from relaxed, casual play to competitive matches, all designed to strengthen the bonds within the golf community. The events reflect RGC's core values of inclusivity and camaraderie, providing a welcoming atmosphere where golfers of all levels can connect, share their passion for the game, and build lasting friendships. Through these chapter events, hosted by our RGC Captains, we continue to expand our vision of making golf an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone.


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