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Member Box


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Contents of Member Box include:  1 felt tee bag, 1 personalized bag tag, 2nd edition Membership magazine, bag of golf tees, and stamped RGC ball marker.

The name on your Bag Tag can be customized, but the Member Number cannot. The maximum character count on the Bag Tag is 18. The Member Number is assigned and unique to you, there will be no duplicate numbers.

Previous Bag Tag holders are able to order a new Bag Tag with the same number, be sure to include your previous member number if applicable.

Pro-Members receive a 20% discount off their bag tag purchase (as with all purchases). 

We have a limited number of these in stock, and plan to release new designs of our Member Tag over the years.

Remember - Membership is not a tier of a digital tool. Membership is a feeling of belonging to something. In the old days when golf began, a Golf Club was merely the group of people in a town who took care of the course. Nowadays, we are a club that takes care of many courses, and welcomes it's new Members during events, Random Tee Times, Leagues, and online. Thank you for supporting Random Golf Club with your Membership. We'll see you out there. 

*Bag tags are custom engraved upon purchase, because of this, they cannot be returned or exchanged. If there is damage to your member box or bag tag upon delivery, please contact for assistance. 

Member Box
Member Box Sale price$134.93